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I sent my sister to a workshop on poetry writing in my place today, since I am not yet over the flu. Apparently, they were asked to answer the following question: What does the moon taste like?  

If I were there, here's how I would have answered:

What does the moon taste like?
Asked she; I blinked
Pondering this for some witty 
Rejoinder; a deep observation 
Or an intricate fancy 
I could weave into meaningful
But ambiguous prose. None
Came to mind. That bright 
Silver penny hung up in the sky
Filled my mind’s eye
Smiling a bald man’s silly gap-
Toothed grin at my childish
Night-terrors; sending them
Skulking back into shadows
Like thrashed bullies.  
‘Tis a most unusual query! 
What does the moon taste like?
I declare I don’t know. 
I have my pick of cakes and teas; 
And am not in the practice
Of causing grave offence
By nibbling on my friends. 

What do you think? 
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