May. 25th, 2009

ladymirth: (calvin euphoria)
So, about the play.

You know, the really fucking depressing adstract hyper-complicated experiemental one that looked so much like the inside of Tennessee Williams own head that it freaked his audiences out the door. The one that he spent ten years writing and couldn't make work even after revising the script three times. The one that no director in the Western hemipshere had been able to produce successfully even after Williams' death. The one that has only two (batshit insane and drugged) characters in the entire play. The one that I was cast in without having had any prior acting experience whatsoever, and where my co-star was a 52-year-old ex-college law instructor who hadn't appeared on stage since high school.  The one with that fucking tiara in it. 

Tiaras, Cancellations and Openings  )

(continued in Part 2, because I have to rush off right now) 

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