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 This is my first attempt at:
a) writing what is intended to be a song
b) based on a completely impersonal experience
c) that deliberately emulates the simple, non-profound lyrics in pop culture
d) that anyone should be able to relate to.
So please tell me what you think. 

Getting Over You

You've been gone a long time
I've been trying to move on all this while
Trying to pack away my feelings
To sort through and understand;
Which I still don't, but I'm dealing
With how it is as best as I can

Sometimes I think I still love you
Sometimes I think I hate you 
Like I've never hated anyone before
Sometimes I think I've broken free
But then I know deep inside of me
That I'm not over you at all 

But when you visit me at night
Your face shining like a light 
Against the dark of my dreaming eyes
Then I can ask you finally
Why you did what you did to me
Was it love for you or just another lie?


Did you hurt too when you hurt me?
Do you understand or won't you see?
Are you so wrapped up in your head
That why I left is still a mystery
Or is it a story you tell differently,
That makes you right with no regrets?

Now have you moved on, left me behind?
Am I just a memory, brushed aside? 
If I wasn't worth loving, even a little hate will do
I hope I haunt your days and dreams long
After I'm done writing silly songs 
Trying all this while to move on, and get over you... 
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