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I'm nervous.

Today has been the best day I've had in a long time. Too good a day, in fact. I'm waiting for something bad to happen now.

The good things that happened to me today:

1) I finally went to the doctor yesterday, to get my wheezing and insomnia problems sorted out. The inhaler unclogged my lungs and the sleeping pill made me sleep like a baby.

2) I was up bright and early and it was a cool, pearly grey day with brittle rays of sunshine warming the air - just the kind of weather I love.

3) I had two of my favourite classes in the morning - public relations and cultural anthropology - both of which were even more interesting than usual. I was in my element. =D

4) My PR instructor even said she would overlook my being absent for her last class because I had a medical to prove that I was sick. So I still have two unexcused absences left to use this semester! Yay!

5) I blew the last of my allowance on a huge brunch of a slice of pizza, a chicken burgher and a brownie (these are a few of my favourite things!) but no worries - tomorrow's pay day!

6) I hadn't fnished my two micreconomics assignments, but it turned out that it had been too difficult for any of my classmates to do either, and the instructor had promised to explain them in class today. 

7) I got to have several nice, long conversations with Boy between classes. We haven't been speaking for more than a few minutes each day for weeks before today. 

8) When I got to the hated microeconomics class, the hated microeconomics professor pitched a bitch fit when the class rebelled against his incompetence and flounced off an hour into the "lesson", declaring that we could find ourselves another instructor if we wanted. We are planning to take him up on that offer. Hooray! 

9) I had a nice, looong conversation with Boyo all the way home and even after, once I had settled myself on my favourite armchair with a flagon of frothy hot chocolate to drink. I had forgotten how brilliant it is to just talk to him, about life, the universe and everything, and how long we could go on when uninterrupted. 

10) Dad came home and I voluntarily sat down had a long chat with him about university life and his work and things in general for an hour, without either one of us getting pissed off or yelling even once. It was a very pleasant conversation. That has to be a record, nowadays. No wonder it's raining cats and dogs now. XD

11) I am safe and snug inside my room and it is raining cats and dogs outside. I LOVE thunderstorms, especially when I'm inside! 

I feel like singing "My favourite things" now. I'll never need to make oodles of money if simple things like this can make me happy. On the other hand, the reason little things like this make me happy is because I've been so awfully down for so long. 

I hope things will continue to be nice like this for the rest of the day. But I fear that may be too much to hope for. 

Resolution of the day: Only read badfic until the end of November. Everytime I read any good fanfic, I get demoralized and contemplate quitting NaNoWriMo before I even start. *headdesk* THERE IS NO HELP FOR ME, Y'ALL!
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I think I want to be a university lecturer.

Maybe it's just that I want to do something to prevent the spread of utter stupid in the world. It's like an virulent disease that's consuming the human race one media report at a time.

The more I frequent the blogosphere, the more I am convinced that the media is the most powerful influence there is in a consumerist society. The pen isn't just mightier than the sword, it wields the friggin' thing.

Am I right, though? Does the balance between good and evil lie in the hands of psychological warfare via public relations? Or is it activism?

Where and when do we formulate the values that we live by? Which influence is most likely to win out? Socio-economic environment? Family ties and culture? Life experience? Education? Instinct? A hundred years ago, racism wasn't an unforgiveable sin. Fifty years ago, nobody thought stereotypes were racist. I wonder how we will be perceived in another thirty years. I want to know. 

There is power in this knowledge. I want it. I want to fight the evil of ignorance by understanding the machinations of propaganda. I want to be able to manipulate people too! I want to know how to brew death and stopper glory! And I want to share my knowledge with students eager to learn and aren't a bunch of dunderheads. 

Do you know what this means?

I'm the more hygenic, female version of...Severus Snape.
Ye Gods.  
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Gakked from[ profile] madlori . Take a look at this:

trope illustrated.

By the same logic, Luke Skywalker is also King Arthur, Frodo Baggins, Aragorn and Sam Winchester. Except for the John Williams bit. 

I wonder what it is about trope that clicks so well with the collective human psyche. The patterns never seem to change. It's almost mathematical. 

Orphan  + Unique gift + Mentor + Access to hidden world + Universal acceptance of formerly misunderstood hero + Evil Nemesis + Psychic foretelling gobbledegook + Sidekicks + Love interest + Hero's journey + Dramatic Geneological Backstory Reveal + Final confrontation + Triumph of the Hero = Literary phenomenon + AM IN UR BANK, ROLLIN' IN DOUGH, BITCH! 

Excuse me, I'm off to create my college fund now. 

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