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...will air in October. 

Dean Cain to play Dr. Curtis Knox in Smallville Seventh Season Episode "Cure". 

SQUEEEEE!!!! About time, I'd say. How cool is it that he's playing another "C.K"? Will the real CK please stand up? Please stand up? Please stand up? *g*

Of course, I have a personal wish list regarding this:

1. Please, if there is a God, don't make him wear facial hair.

2. He was looking pretty seedy the last time I saw him on TV. Please let him have kicked his ass back into its   
    normal, mighty fine, state.  

3. Please let him wear glasses.

4. Please let him not be a villain. Or if he has to be, not a completely evil villain. At least an interesting villian.

5. Please let him not be another freak-of-the-week. Let him have a very interesting, un-deux-ex-machina role that  stretches out over the season story arc. We don't need another Jane-Seymour-as-WTF-is-Genvieve-Teague fiasco like in fourth season. 

6. Please don't let him die a gruesome death. Please don't let him die a James Norrington death. Please don't let  him die, period. 

7. Please let them make him wear lots of crazy ties and make lots of allusions to Lois and Clark. I loved it when they did that with James Masters. "There's no such thing as vampires, Clark". Hahahahaha! 

And while you're at it, kind fairy godmother, please have Teri Hatcher guest star alongside him as his love interest. You did it with Chris and Margot Kidder, you can work the magic now. Please?

When Paris Hilton joins a convent? Is that a promise? 

UPDATE: Apparently, there is a strong likelihood that Dr. Curtis Knox will turn out to be Vandal Savage. Which would be fitting, as the last Superman actor who guest starred was called Virgil Swann. 

So is it just me, or does this picture of Vandal Savage bear a strong resemblence to Dean Cain (as he is now)?

Goddamn sexy build? Check. Slightly oriental eyes? Check. Looks like that in a goatee? *whimper* Check. Hair slicked back? Check. Large, sexy, drool-worthy, strong-looking, bedroom hands? *ahem* Check. Looks good in blue? Check. 

Vandal Savage it is! *sigh*

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If I see one more red heart-shaped balloon, heart-shaped candy box or any thing that is pink, fluffy and looks like it belongs in Madam Puddifoot's , you may check for news reports of the girl who went berserk and went on a series of city-wide rampages of all things Hallmark in a Godzilla outift.

*shoots down nauseating red heart emblazoned on top of LiveJournal logo*

In other news;

For those of you who ship Lois Lane and Clark Kent in any incarnation, may I point you toward the new community 

[profile] cloisfic, created by the lovely [profile] katshakespeare.


Do join, my FoLClings!


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(yelling at the hotel manager)

Lois: Look, my wedding is in three days, I have relatives flying in from all over the country, that is, assuming they can land, and we're tired, and we're wet, and I have a very loud voice.

Clark: So, I guess right about now he'd probably be saying how sorry he was to have left home because he missed out seeing his little girl grow up into the most lovely woman that anyone has ever seen.

Lois: And my mother would say it served him right. But then she'd admit that, if teaching their child the value of love was important, they'd done their job. And your parents would remind me that the son that came to them was the most special of gifts they now shared with me. And they'd ask me to protect him with all the strength he uses to protect others.


Lois: Mom, Clark is the best thing in my life, and I almost missed him because I was too busy controlling-- my work, my feelings, everything. I got lucky -- he made me notice him.


Lois: Mother, not all aliens are bad, assuming there are such things.

Ellen: Of course they're bad. They eat your brains. I read the papers. They abduct women for bizarre sexual experiments.

Lois: (interest piqued)  Bizarre? Like what?


(Unaware that he has married a clone of Lois while his fiancée has been kidnapped, Clark tries to convey to his parents that his marriage has gone unconsummated.)

Clark: You know how, when the holidays come up, and you're all excited about making your house just explode with warmth and love? So you, you go out, and you buy a new box of lights, and you hang em on the tree, and you're just waiting for that burst of warmth and love, and then you plug 'em in and then . . . nothing happens.

Jonathan: Nothing happens?

Clark: Nothing.

Jonathan: No sparks? No flickering? No electricity at all?

Clark: The power is out.

Martha: The two of you have more electricity than anyone I've ever seen, and I think we've pretty much beaten this metaphor to death.


Lex (to Superman): Now, tell me, be honest, isn't one of us without the other incomplete, almost unnecessary? Or am I all alone here?


Lois clone: I really need to talk to you. Alone! Subtle hint!

(FYI: Clones have a lifespan of two weeks) 
Lois clone: Well, is it okay if I love you?

Clark: Sure, yes. Just don't kill anybody over it, okay?

Lois clone: Ohmigod, that was two days ago. You have got to learn to let things go.


Lex: You know, it occurs to me, Martha, that, if I'd had a mother as loving as you, I might be a better person. Thank God I didn't.


(Lois has lost her memory and is institutionalized)

Jimmy: C.K., you know that there's a chance, slim, that Lois might not recover.

Clark: No, Jimmy, there is no chance of that. None.


Lois: I think I remember wanting to fly. I wanted to feel safe, up and away from all the confusion down here. I still have dreams about flying over the city. Actually, they seem more like memories.

Lois: I feel like Nancy Drew, whoever that is.

Lois: First, I break in. Now, I'm about to go through this man's office. How can something so wrong feel so right?

(Still without memories) 
Lois: You're giving me that look.

Clark: What look?

Lois: That Lois-has-gone-off-the-deep-end-in-pursuit-of-an-angle look.

Clark: I just don't think we should rush into anything.

Lois: Well, sometimes you have to rush.

Clark: And sometimes you have to be careful.

Lois: I am careful.

Clark: You are never careful.

Lois: And you always walk on eggshells.

Clark: Well, I'm just trying to be thorough.

Lois: What, I'm not?

Clark: Why did you say that?

Lois: Say what?

Clark: That I always walk on eggshells. You said that I always walk on eggshells. How would you know I always do anything unless you remembered that I do?

Lois: I don't know. I don't know how I know. I know. I just know that this conversation is driving me nuts. Goodnight. (storms off)

(Whooping at the heavens)

Clark: The sign! Yes! Thank you! Thank you!


(Clark is unusually upbeat for a guy whose fiancée doesn’t even remember she’s engaged to him)

Jimmy: C.K., are you okay?

Clark: (still very up) Lois thinks I'm a jerk. Hee, hee.

Jimmy: Hee, hee. That's . . . great.

Lois: I always knew I was meant to fly.

Superman: Yes, Lois, you were.

Lois: You seem very sure.

Superman: I am.

Lois: You're the strongest man in the world, but there's such gentleness in your eyes.

: My advice -- seize the moment, Chief, because you never know when your relationship's gonna get hit with a busted-up wedding, a psychopathic killer, amnesia, or multiple personalities. Go to dinner, Chief.

Perry: You've seen it all, haven't you, son?

Clark: I hope so. What else could there be?
(On not tempting fate)


(Lois’ psychiatrist Dr. Deter is taking advantage of her amnesia by brainwashing her into believing she’s falling in love with him. Our heroes are finally getting clued in.)

Jimmy: This guy's bedside manner includes breakfast in the morning.

Perry: Just take your cue from the master of cool here, huh? Slow and easy.

(Lois and Deter walk in).

Lois: Perry, Jimmy, Clark, I quit.

Jimmy: You what?

Lois: I need to get away so that I can totally recover.

Deter: We're leaving the country.

Clark: No, no, you can't.

Lois: We're going to the South of France. Max has a home there, and he thinks that one-on-one intensive therapy. . . .

Perry: (Lunging at Deter) What are you doing, you little brainsucker?

Clark: Lois, listen to me.

Lois: No, I know what's best for me.

Perry: Hey, what's the deal here?

Jimmy: Chief, calm down.

Perry: No, the gates are up, and this calamity train is gonna stop now!

Jimmy: Breathe or something.

Clark: Lois, I can't let you go, not this time.

Deter: Clark, you have no choice in this.

Clark: Deter, trust me on this, you have no idea who you're talking to.


(Having newly regained her memory)

Lois: (To Clark) Hold that thought. (Walks over to Dr. Deter). Doctor, I think our time is just about up. (She punches Deter and looks at Clark) I'm back!

Clark: And do you remember this? (He slips the ring on her finger).

Lois: I do.


(Flicking through Lois’ high school yearbook)

Clark: You got elected with that hair?

Lois: I was stuck in my Charlie's Angels phase. Everybody was.


Lois: Of course, where else it would be? Every villain in the universe seems to operate out of Metropolis. For once, I just wish we could have a villain in Maui, or Aspen, Monte Carlo.


(Talk about commitment issues)

Lois: I had the weirdest dream. I dreamed I was in this house in the backyard and I had this chef's hat on. I was barbecuing burgers, and my legs were turning into roots, and they were growing into the ground, and I was screaming, "I am not an oak. I am free."


Clark: When I was growing up, my home meant permanence, a place to be safe. My life, it's so chaotic now, going from disaster to disaster. I just always dreamed of having my own real home.

Lois: When I was a kid, home was where mom was in the lounge chair getting drunk, and daddy was in the backyard burning steaks, and trying to explain what he was doing kissing Mrs. BelCanto in the church parking lot. Permanence wasn't so permanent at my house.

Clark: Lois, you and I are going to be as permanent as permanent can be.

Lois: So, I guess I should stop running?

Clark: I won't burn the steaks. I promise.

Lois: Forget the steaks. Just don't be kissing Mrs. BelCanto.


(New Kryptonians Zara and Ching arrive to tell them that Clark’s the legitimate ruler of New Krypton, that he was married at birth to Zara and that if he doesn’t come with them now a civil war will break out and kill thousands of people on New Krypton. Meanwhile Lady Zara is in love with her lieutenant Ching)

Clark: Apparently, she's my wife.

Lois: Your wife.

Clark: On Krypton.

Lois: Oh, well, we're not on Krypton.

Lois: Yeah, well, I guess it would take a special guy to shuck his adoring parents and the woman he loves for a life of loneliness and violence, possible death on some space rock. Maybe I'm missing the big picture.

Clark: No, no, this is obviously a very emotional topic for you.

Lois: Yeah, well, us wacky Earth women, we get mighty cranky about losing our husbands.


Clark: Well, that's too bad. Because as loud and cluttered and sloppy as this world is, it's also full of passion, feelings. Like I have for Lois. And feeling like that, that is the greatest thing there is.

Zara: And it's a selfish thing. Certainly for people with noble blood.

Clark: This thing that I have with Lois, it's the kind of thing you never, ever let go of because it is one of the few perfect things in this world. And I value that above all else. Above my own life.


Lois: You've had two weddings and only the one to her is real.


Lois: You're asking me to sacrifice everything for a world I'll never see.

Zara: I'm asking you to save a world that is robbing us both of the men we love.


Lois: Lieutenant, without kindness, what is your homeland worth? Without love, what are your lives worth?


Clark: Lois, I have loved you from the beginning.

Lois: And I'll love you til the end.

Clark: In my heart, I am your husband.

Lois: And I'm your wife.

Clark: Always.


(speaking to the masses before leaving for New Krypton)

Superman: Emerson said, "Self trust is the essence of heroism." Inside each of you is a hero. And, so I leave, knowing that a world full of heroes has nothing to fear.


Lois: (collapsing as Clark leaves for New Krypton) It's over. Everything's over.

Jonathan: Dearest Lois, a love that risks nothing is worth nothing.

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(Xavier’s Virtual Fantasy)

Lois: You beat Superman.

X: To a pulp.

Lois: Oh, thank you. I was getting so sick of him.


Clark: Well, my experience has been a little different.

Lois: Mmm, Hmm.

Clark: I'm a little different.

Lois: Sure.

Clark: I mean, I've had girlfriends. I've dated. But that thing, the intimacy threshold, the big threshold. I've never really crossed it.

Lois: So, what you're saying is is you're a vir . . . vir . . . vuh . . . a very patient man.


Lois: Oh, I love your parents. They're just so . . . not insane.


Ellen Lane: I don't think a pill can relieve years of neglect and betrayal.

Lois: Try two.


Clark: Mom, it's great you got the license number. I'm just saying you shouldn't chase muggers.

Lois: It's okay, Martha, he tells me the same thing.


Lois: Well, uh, I . . . I've always admired the Swiss. And, um, their chocolate is to die for, and those cuckoo clocks. Wow!


Beverly Lipman: Well, you don't absolutely need shoes, but sooner or later your feet are bloody stumps.


(In the middle of a séance)

Star the psychic: Lois, it's your purse. Is there something evil in your purse?

Lois: Just my credit cards.


Clark: Preschool? We don't even get married for three more weeks.

Lois: Well, Winky Tink says now's the time. They've got a five-year waiting list, and they require a $200 deposit.

Clark: Do they also require a child?

Lois: Nope. Just money.


Bud Collins: Superman, did anybody tell you you look just like Clark Kent, only without the glasses? (dies)


Jimmy: I don't know, bad people. I punched 'em!

Clark: Did they say anything?

Jimmy: No. They were too busy shooting and fighting. I punched 'em!

Clark: You already said that.


Perry: Have you heard from Lois?

Clark: Lois?

Perry: Yeah, she left here and went to Star Labs to see Jimmy. But I just called there. Olsen left. She never made it.

Clark: Where's Jimmy?

Perry: He never made it back here. Where's Jack Olsen?

Clark: Gone. Where's the computer?

Perry: With Jimmy.

Clark: Well, that's great. We just lost everyone.

Perry: Yeah, we're totally incompetent.


Jack: (To Clark) I believed in what I was doing. I believed in it so much, I had to lead a double life. But what would you know about that?


Lois: Well, I'll tell you what you can learn from Jack. Not all men are cut out to be fathers. It's not the job, it's the man, and piano tuner or spy, Jack just wasn't ready for the responsibility of a family. And you are.

Clark: Trying to convince yourself?

Lois: No, lunkhead, I'm trying to convince you. The mere fact that you care so much, proves it.

Clark: You are good. Awesome.

Lois: True.

* * *

Clark: Lunkhead?

Lois: In the best sense of the word.


Lois: (After Clark tells her he's invited Lana Lang to their wedding) Oh, an old girlfriend.

Clark: Lois, you're getting that sound in your voice.

Lois: What sound?

Clark: That any second claws are going to pop out of your fingers. Phht, phht, phht. I'm going to have to get you a saucer of milk.

Lois: Meow!


Tempus the time traveller: Hi, Lois. Remember me?

Lois: No.

Tempus: (Taking off his glasses) How about now?


(Tempus strands Lois in an alternate universe – one without a Superman.)

Lois: So, in plain English, Ben Hur is President and I'm wormfood. I'm getting married next week, why does this keep happening to me?


Alt-Clark: I'm sorry, I just, I just have a lot of trouble believing all of this.

Lois: What? That Tempus is a criminal? That he's H.G. Wells? Or that we're from a parallel Metropolis?

Alt-Clark: No, that this other me flies around in tights.


(Having taken Time traveler Herbert George Wells prisoner)

HG Wells: You’ll never get away with this, Tempus!

Tempus: Get away with what? Becoming mayor of Metropolis by murdering candidate Perry White? Because somebody might stop me? Big, brawny, looks good in blue? Gee, if only I lived in a dimension with no Superman. Oh wait, duh, I do!


Lois: Stay calm. Stay calm. Okay, I'm high up, I'm blind, my hands are tied, the ledge is falling apart…. Okay, panic.


Tempus: Herb, if I wanted to kill her, I'd beat her to death with a frozen lamb chop and then eat it with a nice Merlot.


Tempus: No, I want to torture her, send her into a spasm of sheer terror.

Wells: Why?

Tempus: Because it's good TV. It's fun for the whole family. And then there are those magic words guaranteed to make it a ratings bonanza, "Help, Superman, save me." Only this time, there's no Superman.


Tempus: Only thing that would ruin this would be a commercial.


Tempus: Now ask yourself, Herb: Why is there no Superman here? Is it because this Clark lost his parents? Didn't have their loving support? Or is it because he was denied the daily impetus of being in love with a woman who's always throwing herself into death's jaws and screaming for . . .

Lois: Help!


Tempus: Yes, Herb, I'm the bad guy. We always have a plan.


Lois: But it's so much more than that. It's a symbol. You're making yourself into a beacon.

Clark: Are you always like this?

Lois: I'm sorry. I'm a little high-strung.

Clark: Lady, you're a Stradivarius.


Tempus: Ah, the heroine creates her hero. A mythically moving moment. Herb, am I still a man in your eyes if I weep?


Alt-Superman: Just because I'm not wearing my glasses, are you sure no one's gonna recognize me?

Lois: Positive.


Alt-Superman: (To his fiancée Alt-Lana) Well, I've decided that I need. . . . No. I've decided that the world needs me.

Lana: Needs you to what? Model men's underwear? Bring capes back in fashion?


Alt-Superman: Honestly, I don't know how you thought a pair of glasses would keep people from recognizing me. It's kind of ridiculous.

Lois: Don't get me started.


Wells: What do you think Shakespeare meant when he wrote, "In apprehension, how like a god?" It's not that gods are anxious about their responsibilities but, with such great weight, comes great understanding. Trust that, Clark. And trust that you've found your true destiny and that, in you, a once hopeless world has found its future.


Wells: He's quite a man, the Clark Kent of this world.

Lois: I just wish he didn't have to be alone.

Wells: The hardest lesson is that love can be so fair to some and so cruel to others. Even those who would be gods.

(Back at home)
Lois: Clark, about Lana Lang.

Clark: Yeah?

Lois: Let's go ahead and invite her to the wedding. I think I have a pretty good idea about why it didn't work out between you two and why it'll always work with us. No matter how crazy the world gets.

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Thanks be to Zoomway!

(After Lois has figured out about Superman)

Clark: So, how mad are you?
Lois: I'm not mad.
Clark: Excuse me.
Lois: I'm not mad at all.
Clark: Lois, this is not really a time to hold back.
Lois: I'm not.
Clark: I'm sorry. I was talking to Lois Lane. I know she was here a second ago. And I know she wouldn't really react . . .
Lois: I'm hurt.
Clark: Oh.
Lois: I'm really, really hurt.
Clark: Which is gonna be worse than mad, isn't it?


Lois: And it just got more complicated when you realized you loved me.

Clark: Which was about two minutes after I met you.

Lois: Don't try and score points.

Clark: Sorry.


(Lois confronts Clark about him avoiding her using Superman as an excuse)

Clark: Look, Lois, there's certain things about me being Superman
that you're just going to have to get used to.
Lois: Huh, really? Like the urgent need to umpire a kid's baseball game for two hours?
Clark: You know that was a very tense situation cause the kids were yelling at each other, and they had bats and stuff.


Lois: Clark, do you realize what just happened? We were sent to

investigate, and we spent the whole time wallowing. We wallowed. I hate wallowers, and that's what we've turned into -- a couple of sighing, slack-jawed, self-pitying wallowers.


Clark: I did get things out in the open, starting with "Will you marry me?".

Lois: No, I got things out in the open, starting with "You are


Clark: A little louder. I don't think they heard you in Gotham City.

Lois: Speaking of which, when were you planning on telling me? The

honeymoon? Our first anniversary? When the kids started flying around the house?


Lois: I'm not working too hard. Can I go back to work?


Perry: Hey, Lois, word to the wise. Honey, there'll always be another headless corpse, but true love comes around maybe once.


(Having literally been marooned on a desert island)

Lois: No, no, no. What we need is a sauna, and a massage, and some

room service. So why don't you just scoop me up into your arms and fly us off? Maybe we're near Rio.

Clark: No scooping. No flying.

Lois: You have been scooping and flying on a fairly regular basis ever since I have known you. And now, now that we are surrounded by crazed insects and murderous plants, now, you think would be a bad time.

Clark: Lois, you challenged me to let the world get along without me for a weekend. Me and the world, we seem to be doing just fine. You, on the other hand, are a wreck.


Lois: I can't believe I was complaining about Camembert from France. It's like those words came from a different woman, a clean woman, a dope.


 Lois: Your parents made marriage look fun. Mine made it look like a root canal.


Spencer Spencer: You know, I was gonna kill you for all that crap you

wrote about me, but then I thought you might prefer an exciting career opportunity.

Lois: What do you mean?

Spencer Spencer: You can be my sex slave.

Lois: Kill me.


Clark: Well, you figured me out, I'm not Superman.

Lois: He's not Superman.

Clark: A passing resemblance maybe.

Lois: It's a thing he does at parties.


Clark: How come, when you repeat what I say, it sounds so dumb?


Lois: Yes, I love Clark. I love him so much, and he is so dumb.


Lois: I walked out because the plot is just warmed-over Bambi without the political subtext.


Lois: We're about as in sync as the English in a Japanese horror film.


Lois: You can fly. I can stay mad. It's a gift.


Clark: So what are you saying? I should go crawling back on my hands

and knees?

Martha: No, honey. Fly back. It's faster.


Lois: And even though it's your fault, I feel like it's mine. Good old Clark. Good old Superman. Crabby old Lois.


Lois: I'm going to be a professional and go to the interview and

internalize my feelings so I get an ulcer the size of Cleveland.


Superman: Women! Earth women!


Larry Smiley: Female hawk, you are ridin' on a horse called domination, and you won't get off. Does she need a time out?

Crowd: Yes.

Smiley: Step on outside, female hawk, and don't you return until you are singin' with the choir.

Lois: Really? Do I have to? Oh, shucks.

(Lois leaves).

Smiley: You know something, you got a tiger by the tail there, boy.

Clark: Tell me about it.


Lois: Clark, we're in the rejected pile.

Clark: Lois, don't you think that's probably a good thing.

Lois: Well, I'd like to feel wanted. Smiley says we're not compatible. He says I don't trust you or respect you, and he doesn't know why you even put up with me.

Clark: Lois, the guy's a murderer.

Lois: Of course, I trust you, and I respect you more than anyone else I've ever met. And, you know, if I do get angry, it's only because I have never opened up to somebody so much in my whole life. And it hurts me when I feel like that trust isn't returned. And you know you put up with me for the same reason I put up with you -- it's because I'm completely in love with you!

Clark: And I love you. Did we just make up?

Lois: I think so.


Lois: Can we maybe do this some place that's not so musty and not owned by a killer?


Clark: It's not the M-word that makes it forever for me, Lois. My love is forever because . . . because it just is.


(In Lois’ James Bond nightmare)

Lois/Miss Goodbottom: Let me take care of this. I know how to handle

him. I'll give him a migraine. Who does he think he is busting out of prison making our lives miserable?

Clark/James Bond: In future years, when I've gone on to a series of successful sequels and you've gone on to relative obscurity, please remember that, at this moment, I was only thinking of you.

Lois/Miss Goodbottom: Clark!

Clark/James Bond: The name is Man. Super Man.


(Clark’s nightmare about how his Superman duties may clash with his marriage)

Perry/Friday: Let me tell you something, Mr. Kent, your wife may have

been the one to go psycho . . .

Jimmy/Gannon: . . . trash the supermarket . . .

Perry/Friday: . . . throw over all the vegetable bins . . .

Jimmy/Gannon: . . . melt the entire freezer section.

Perry/Friday: But you drove her to it. You're just as guilty.

Clark: G...g...guilty of what?

Jimmy/Gannon: Indifference.

Perry/Friday: Preoccupation with other things.

Jimmy/Gannon: No emotional support.

Perry/Friday: No time for bedtime stories.

Jimmy/Gannon: And don't give me another saving-the-Hoover-dam alibi

cause I've heard it all before.


Perry: Where's your bulletproof vest?

Lois: Dry cleaners. Let me wear that tie. Bullets'll run screaming.

Perry: It's a gift.


Lois: Ever since we met . . . actually, ever since I took the time to listen, something about you always made sense to me. Even when a huge part of you didn't make any sense, there was a part deep down that did. That's the part that touches me. Just makes sense out of life.


(Clark’s powers have been transferred onto Lois, creating…Ultrawoman!)

UltraWoman: And I don't care what you say. I know it doesn't make you

feel good to watch me do what you were born to do.

Clark: I admit, I do miss the cape and the S, and this whole bleeding thing is no fun.


Lois: You know, if somebody had asked me three days ago who the one

person in the world I admired most was, I'd have said you. But, without really knowing what that meant. Without understanding that the hardest thing about being you is all the things you can't do. All the cries for help that you can't answer. And how that quietly tears you apart. But it never stops you. And after living a little of that myself, I realized something. Something that I never thought was possible.

Clark: What?

Lois: I love you more. More than I ever have and more than I ever thought I could love anyone, and so, I wanna ask . . . Will you marry me?

Clark: Who's asking? Lois or UltraWoman?

Lois: Who's answering? Clark or Superman?

Clark: I'm answering.

Lois: I'm waiting.

Clark: Yes


Clark: Lois, salmon swimming upstream haven't had the mating troubles

we've had.


Lois: You don't have any really big secrets, do you?

Clark: Did I mention the flying?

Lois: Hmm, I only marry men who fly.


Perry: Now, Lois, you and I have been newspeople long enough to know that, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, tastes good with plum sauce, it is a duck.



Martha: We're here to support you and fight this little hussy with

everything we've got.

Clark: Mom! Wow!


Donald Rafferty: My dear, you have nothing to worry about. * * *The test will either show that Superman is the father or not.

Leigh-Anne: And how is that last one a good thing?

Donald Rafferty: Oh well, I will bring in opposing experts to argue that the DNA tests are inconclusive or contaminated or the result of tampering or part of a conspiracy.

Leigh-Anne: Is that legal?

Donald Rafferty: My dear, it's the backbone of the entire legal system.


Lois: The truth is what you tell me and what I tell you, because that's the kind of relationship we have.

Clark: Lois, the best day of my life was the day you found out that I'm Superman. It meant no more secrets. I'm done hiding things from you.


 Lois: Uh! Who makes these people?

Clark: C'mon, Lois, you are much better looking than Lisa Rockford.

Lois: See how well trained I have him already.


Lois: Supermodel or terrorist? Supermodel or terrorist? I mean, how

do you wake up in the morning and decide to be that?


 Lois: Is there any languages you don't know?

Clark: Well, sometimes I have trouble understanding you.

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