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Good crack-of-bloody-midnight, ladies and gentlemen. Your host is now officially 22 years and 20 minutes old. First lesson of the year - not even Cat Macros can save you from existential angst. 

Now please excuse me while I ruminate on the nature of existence and my place within it while hyperventilating into a paper bag.  
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It's Saturday the 13th in my part of the world, so let me be the first to wish [ profile] just_ruth 

Hope you have a great 'un, you awesome lady! *****HUGS***** 
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I cannot BELIEVE I missed [profile] belladonna_tb's birthday!

Sweetie, I hope 2008, and your 26th year on this big dumb blue beautiful planet will bring everything you hope for!

Tweety Bird thinks so too. =D


Here, have some birthday cake:

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Here's a big birthday huggle and kiss going out to two lovely ladies. The amazingly talented [profile] mrsmosley (Lisa) who never fails to inspire me and always has a word of encouragement handy. And the lovely [profile] guipago (Jen), who is celebrating her first birthday as a married woman (am I right?) and whose delightfully original livejournal rants have kept me entertained and educated for the past year. Give my love to Scott and the pets, dearling! Many happy returns of the day, you two!

Here's something especially for you, just for giggles. =)


*gigglesnort* Have a ball, ladies! *hugs you*


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