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I am very, very sad about David Carradine dying. Kung Fu: the Legend Continues was one of my favourite TV series' when I was growing up. And then I grew up and watched it and was appalled at how hammy and sexist the whole thing was, but then that was pretty much true of most eighties TV fare.

RIP David, long live Kwai Chang Cain.

So, some lolariousness to get over the blues:

A cartoon about the special love between an emo teen girl and her sparkly vampire

"Packing up and moving on" blog post by the producer of the recently defunct Terminator: The Sarah O'Connor Chronicles, which full of lulzy lols in a resigned, gallows humour, freakingly funny kind of way. I wanted to pat him on the head and buy him candy, and I've never even watched the show. 

[profile] the_dark_cat presents Father's Day for Batman and Sons. God, I wish for puppies, happy children, rainbows and for this strip to be officially made canon. 

On the other hand, it is canon that Judd Winnick and Grace Choi ships Nightwing/ Arsenal. So the man can't be all bad. 

Thanks to [ profile] cleolinda and scans_daily for the links!

In other news, I watched Prince Caspian today and am now furiously shipping Peter/Caspian, although I think I'm going to keep Edmund and his awesome snark to myself. I have a feeling that C.S. Lewis would not approve of this, which is an added bonus. Oh, I am going to miss Peter and his the next movie! 

Here, have a parody

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Johnny Depp + Christian Bale = Public Enemy, July 1st.

Which means I'll have to wait another three months to see it here in SL!

OMGUGUISEIMGONNADIE!!!!  I will DIE if I get both of them onscreen at the same time! Who do I root for? 

Please, please, dear Nolan God, let Depp be cast in the next Batman movie too! 

AAIIIIEEEE!!!!!! *scares the owls* 
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Dakota Fanning cast in "New Moon". As in Twillight Part 2.


This girl is a hyper-talented child prodigy. Why on earth would she want to act in a trainwreck like this? WHY, LORD?

Also, Kim Manners is dead, what? I didn't even know he had cancer. This is such a damn shame; he was such a great director. He was one of the cornerstones of Supernatural. Everyone on set must be so devastated.

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And the Awesomesauce Award of the Year goes to.... [profile] pgwfolc !

Paul, you sweetheart!! (♥ x squishes) millionty! 

Indeed, going so long in ignorance of Inigo Montoya is pop-cultural blasphemy. Thanks for helping me correct this gaping flaw in my education. 

*dances with Kermit*

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I love cheesy romance, happy Disney endings and small-town tales. And I just watched Ten Inch Hero.

What a crap excuse for a film. The only reason I don't regret downloading it is because Jensen's in it and the tampon scene was funny. Otherwise, it's the most sickly sweet, sex-obsessed, poorly-written, hypocritical, hippie-wannabe piece of shit that I've ever watched. Jensen is a good actor, but he can't pick his movies to save his life (or career). Priestly is about the most genuine, likeable character in it, and his character gets completely annihilated in the end. 

And it got an 8.8 rating on IMDB? WTF? Granted, it's not the worst movie I've ever watched, and the storylines do manage to keep you interested, but the screenplay reads like it was written by a high schooler, the narrative is clumsy, every single storyline disappoints you in the end and you just feel like throwing things at the screen half the time. No wonder it had so much difficulty finding a distributer. 

Do yourself a favour and leave this one on the shelf. Unless you really, really love Jensen Ackles and would sit through any sort of crap for him. I feel like I've done more than enough in that department. I sat through the second season of Dark Angel, the fourth season of Smallville, Devour, most of the third season of Supernatural and now this failure of the indie genre for him. That's how much I love Jensen Ackles.

God, Jensen, you're so much better than this. *sigh* 

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Here's something Interesting:  The 26 Most Disturbing Kid Movies Ever

I don't know about the rest but GODDAMN IT, I've spent seventeen years suppressing my memories of Watership Down and now this thing has to go and dreg it all up again. MY INNER CHILD IS GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES TONIGHT, I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY. 

Seriously, that movie scared seven kinds of hell out of me when I was a kid. I watched it when I was about four and didn't have enough grasp of English to quite follow the plot, but there was shooting and frothing dogs and thunder and lightning and goddamn is those weren't the scariest fucking bunnies I'd ever seen. It scarred me for life. The sheer trauma made me grow up regarding rabbits with great suspicion. I had nightmares of being chased by a psychotic Bugs Bunny till I was ten. 

Weirdly though, I didn't remember the soundtrack "Bright Eyes" at all until Stephen Gately's version came out when I was in my early teens. And then I fell in love with both versions of the song. I thought it was sweet and mellow and romantic, until some wise ass informed me that it was the soundtrack to the Scary Bunny Movie. It was then that I made the connection.

"Bright eyes, burning like fire...." 

The song I had pegged as a bittersweet melody about a dearly beloved being lovingly remembered against the backdrop of a romantic sunset, was actually about the glowing orbs of rabid psycho bunnies that had plagued my childhood. 

My life is such a farce sometimes. 

Speaking of cartoons, I have a confession to make. Everytime I watched Loony Tunes, I cheered on Sylvester Cat. Everyday I would tune in with the vain hope that maybe today the gods would relent and Sylvester would finally be able to out-smart that goddamn irritating bird and snack its puny yellow ass (Shut up, I was seven). Sylvester wasn't a bad cat, he was just underfed by his cruel owners and what person with a beating heart could blame him for wanting to eat that smug little featherbrain who kept braining him with things? I grew very disillusioned when this didn't happen. Years later, I still went out of my way to punch Tweetie Bird in the face whenever we passed the soft toy aisle of the toy store. Die you goddamn bird, die! 

And before you ask, you don't even want to know what I wanted to do to that fucking Road Runner. 

ETA: Can anyone tell me why The Song of The South is said to be racist? I don't get it. 

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I forgot to tell y'all. I went to see Iron Man yesterday, right after the entire rest of the world, but whatever. Yep, pretty much what you guys said. 

Verdict: Wheee! What a ride! Wanna go agin, wanna go agin, wanna go agin!
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Anybody who has been reading my LJ for any length of time now knows of my Greate and t00by love for Jab We Met, the cutest Bollywood musical to come out this decade. I haveth done my part to spread its glory throughout the world. I have pimped it and pimped it and pimped it. [personal profile] purplephoenix03has actually ripped the DVD into region-free discs and shipped them all over the world, on request, to total strangers. This is a romantic comedy which is an international cult hit. 

Now I urge those of you who are Bollywood deprived, to download the movie here. At worst it's a cute little chick flick. At best it's OMG OMG HOTTIE ALERT WANT WANT WANT WANT! 

695.4 MBs. With subtitles. Go download, dangnabbit!
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...trawling through Youtube sites for clips and interviews and until your brain short-circuits and shrivels up from the accompanying comments.

I found this cute little interview with Shahid for my pains, so my near-lobotomy was not in vain.

Is it just me or does he look a bit like Saif Ali Khan here? Whut?!

I find it interesting that the fifth Shahid-Kareena film (and possibly the last, if they're holding out for a script to trump Jab We Met) is yet to be released. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Milenge Milenge, which is reportedly due to come out on Feb 15, as I want both these actors to succeed. Kareena and Shahid are both very talented people with great chemistry and have endured a lot over the media and public speculation over their relationship and subsequent break-up. I admire their maturity and professionalism, and they deserve to be recognized.

But from the clips I've seen so far, it looks like a typical Bollywood movie, so I'm thinking average grosser at best. Still, a lot of audiences will be very open to the Shahid-Kareena chemistry after Jab We Met, so if the script doesn't suck completely, they should be able to capitalize on that. Plus, Shahid looks adorably badass, and the role looks so different from that of Aditya Kashyap's that a lot of females are bound to be intrigued. Films have made blockbusters on much less. Take Dhoom 2, for instance. The only thing that stopped audiences from demanding their money and two and half hours of their life back from the producers of that movie was Hrithik Roshan. He delivered the most iconic performance of his life in a movie that would otherwise been fit only for the people on YouTube to sneer at. He made the movie a superhit and the movie made him into an overnight sex symbol. Go figure.

Shahid has the looks, the talent and the moves. If he's not criminally stupid, he can carry this movie. I have faith in him. Kareena's talent is far superior to Shahid's and it shows whenever she's in the hands of a good director who recognizes this. However, like I said, this is sure to be a typical Bollywood flick, and I doubt her role is going to allow for anything revoloutionary. Everybody seems to blame her for breaking up with Shahid, the guys think she's slutty and would rather watch Bipasha Basu and the girls can't stand her for some reason. But then, this is Bollywood, and it's an eternal game of Misogyny Ahoy! in those parts. Poor Kareena. I like you. You'll show them yet, girl. They said a lot of the same things about your sister before she hit it big too.

Here's to Milenge Milenge! Good luck, kids. Can't wait.

Meanwhile, let's see if I can get a life. You know you've hit rock bottom when you find yourself reading YouTube comments until midnight.

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The whole depression gig meant that I didn't have a lick of interest in movies, right? So I went for three months without buying a single one. Which for me, is some kind of record. 

Now I've got rid of the pestilential thing once and for all (I officially came off the anti-depressants on Monday and am so far without side-effects) I decided to celebrate by doing a spot of catching up. Therefore, I went out and bought (as in paid good money for) the following:

1. Ratatouille
2. The Emperor's New Groove
3. Underdog
4. Ishq Vishk
5. Vivah
6. Chup Chup Ke
7. 36 China Town
8. Aaja Nachle
9. Om Shanti Om
10. Chak De! India
11. Taare Zameen Par

Yes, I am on a major Shahid Kapoor kick. I blame this all on Jab We Met. I am now firmly convinced I like Kareena Kapoor, although I think he looks cuter with Amrita Rao. (Btw, how exactly does a guy go from dating Kareena Kapoor, sex kitten extraordinaire, to hooking up with Amrita Rao? I guess Shahid found that the behen ji look was more to his taste after all. See, people? The morals in Bollywood movies are all true.)

Total money spent on DVD within the day = Rs. 2600. In terms of purchasing power in SL, that is roughly equivalent to USD 260. In terms of currency exchange rates, that comes to US$ 26. Which means life would be really lavish over here if I were earning in dollars, but since I'm not, somebody should take away my ATM card before I empty my entire savings account on DVDs. 

I'm already regretting buying Vivah. Cannot believe it was a box-office hit. What in the world are the Indian audiences thinking? For my part, I feel extremely sorry for the people who had to watch that movie without the fast-forward button handy. 

I have no idea why Aaja Nachle was panned by critics so badly. Granted, they are critics and so their tastes are as alien from that of the general public as Roger Ebert's is from the rest of the human race, but still. I mean, okay, the choreography sucks a bit, but those are some pretty damn fine performances, yo. And it's Madhuri Dixit! That woman's charisma makes SRK look like a overblown cartoon character. Venus forever, my liege. Plus, that guy from Rang De Basanti is positively edible. Roll over, Hrithik Roshan.

I'm currently enjoying Ishq Vishk immensely. It's a typical Bollywood boy-meets-girl college flick, but it has a lot of heart and there's something genuinely likeable about it. I also understand now why has Shahid pegged as a baby-faced Shah Rukh Khan wannabe, because the way that boy imitates SRK's best moves is nothing short of hilarious. But it was his debut film and he has learned wisdom since. Besides, I think it's cute. It's heartwarming to see how well he lives up to his early potential in Jab We Met. Career-best performance indeed. If that doesn't shut Rediff up, nothing will. 

It kind of annoys me that Amrita is getting typecast into roles like this, just because of her big brown eyes and wil o' wisp looks. That girl has loads of talent but she isn't going to get anywhere if she keeps getting pigeon-holed into girl-next-door roles. So far I feel like she's played the same role in every single movie she's acted in, only with different names. 

I've watched Ratatouille many times, but it's one of those movies that you need to own. It's Pixar, yo, so it goes without saying that it really is that good. I bought Emperor's New Groove because I wanted to see what [personal profile] purplephoenix03's new icon was all about, so that's up next. 

Two and a half down, 9.5 to go. If anybody needs me, I'll be in front of the TV, slowly devolving into the Couch Potato Woman.

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