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It is hereby the bounden duty of any and every SPN fan who has not seen this yet to go and check this out:

If Superntaural Was A Fan Forum.

Epic WIN or EPIC WIN, do you think?  
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Dear SPN fandom,

It is exceedingly cute to watch you squee your pants off this way. I'm glad you're having fun. I really am. But now I'm getting worried. You do know that just because two men who have to live in the same city, go to the same place of work and are really good friends decide that it's more fun to share a bachelor pad and better for the environment if they carpool, it DOESN'T NECESSARILY INDICATE THAT THEY'RE GAY, right? Right?

Hell, I'd think it was beyond cute if they were in Twu Gay Wuv, but this level of gay objectification about what I think is one of the most wonderful friendships in Hollywood kind of disturbs me. Although, after watching the season 3 gag reel, I will admit that they bring it all on themselves.

Oh, nevermind. Sorry to rain on your parade. Carry on. Your sparkly tinhats are very sweet.

If you guys go this crazy over their co-habitation, I can't imagine what would happen if they DID suddenly come out and confirm that they're a couple. Fandom would probably not survive the implosion. It would be nuclear.

Now I wish that would really happen. That would be beyond priceless.

What would be even more priceless is if Jared and Jensen made the announcement, waited about a week for all the fangirls to give themselves concussions bouncing off the walls and then announce "just kidding!".

I love you, you utterly batshit people,
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This is the sort of absolute mind-boggling fan batshittery that presents me with one of three choices:
a)cry for sweet Baby Jesus/ Krishna/ Buddha/ Anyone to come rescue mankind,
b)tear hair out and give these idiots the paddling their Mums forgot until they're forced to grow the hell up, or
c)point, mock and laugh hysterically.

Considering how well it can be set to the "Fresh Prince of Bell Air" theme, I think I'll go with option three.

I am also rather inclined to forgive them, in light of the completely unrelated "Twatlighters - Men In Black Style" spoof it indirectly spawned.

All's well that ends LOL!

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