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I know I swore I would never watch Smallville again, a couple of episodes into the seventh season, but for some reason I did end up watching the eighth season premiere. Mostly because I was curious about what they'd be doing without the AlMiles wonder duo and because I'd (rather belatedly) heard that my girl Allison Mack was staying on after all.

All in all, I think I may watch this season occasionally. If only to watch MOAR Justin Hartley kicking ass in a leather jacket. *slurrrp*
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Dear Supernatural Season Three,

You suck. No really, you do. I don't care what the squeeing fangirls are saying, I really don't like you. Perhaps it is because the near-perfect glory of SPN Season 2 spoiled me rotten for perfection, but you just aren't cutting it. Except for when you do, which you have done twice this season, and ended up as all-time most awesome SPN episodes when you did. So you see, Show, you are capable of greater, much greater things.

But it doesn't matter that you suck, Show. Because even in your suckiest day, you are still the best and most lovable thing on television.

Yours with scary tinhat devotion,
Lady Mirth.

Dear Smallville Season Seven,
You suck. Period. DIE.

Yours viciously,
A Chloe fangirl.
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Okay, so inspite of all my griping, I did enjoy Season Six of SV. At least, I learned to enjoy it once I hypnotized myself into ignoring the entire disastrous Clana arc entirely. I was surprised as usual - I thought I'd hate "Promise" but I ended up really loving that episode. It was so cinematically shot and kept us guessing till the last second and the music, was as usual, awesome. Plus, once you get past that fact that Justin Hartley can't act to save his life, and having got that point settled, simply sat back and enjoyed what pretty blond boy he is instead, I decided I liked the Oliver Queen/ Lois Lane sub plot well enough. A thumbs up point was that the directors seemed to have finally dispensed trying to make the series into Wonder Years meets X-Files (and failing, oh, so badly) and come to terms with the fact that this is about a series of comic book characters. And so they thrived. 

Still, the season would have been so much better without Clana bloody Clana. I'm not going to get into this, but I honestly don't see the attraction of old Dopey once you get past his pretty green eyes. (And phenomenal pecs.) I mean, here you have a guy who would willingly let the girl he loves (for he does love Lana, as Miles Millar has been hammering that fact into our heads for the past six years) marry the man he knows to be a monster - for absolutely no good reason. The writers don't even pretend they can come up with one for him now. I mean, any fool can see that Lana genuinely loves him and wouldn't betray him. Plus, that his secret is screwing with her entire life. I don't know, but if I were Clark, I wouldn't even need to be in love with Lana to stop her being hurt in this way. By the end of it, I didn't know who was getting on my nerves more - Dopey for being such an asshole or Lana for her ceaseless, never-ending whining to be let in on the secret. Jesus, girl, have some self-respect and accept that the love of your life is a prize wuss-face dope who doesn't deserve you! I was actually cheering at her little scheme in Promise, when she finally decided to get a clue and find out Clark’s secret for herself by locking Chloe in the wine cellar. I almost began to like her again. And then she ruined it all by running back to him the moment she figured it out. WHY, Lord?! This woman is setting back the feminist movement by decades! Now if it were my girl Lois, she would confront him and break a barn door over Clark's unbelievably thick head. 

And we FoLCs thought that the Lois and Clark Season Three development where Clark let the prison escapee Lex drive off with his freaking fiancée was bad! 

Anyway, apart from the Clana-rama-drama-llama, I quite liked the sixth season. However, Season seven seems to be an entirely different kettle of fish, so far. 

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...will air in October. 

Dean Cain to play Dr. Curtis Knox in Smallville Seventh Season Episode "Cure". 

SQUEEEEE!!!! About time, I'd say. How cool is it that he's playing another "C.K"? Will the real CK please stand up? Please stand up? Please stand up? *g*

Of course, I have a personal wish list regarding this:

1. Please, if there is a God, don't make him wear facial hair.

2. He was looking pretty seedy the last time I saw him on TV. Please let him have kicked his ass back into its   
    normal, mighty fine, state.  

3. Please let him wear glasses.

4. Please let him not be a villain. Or if he has to be, not a completely evil villain. At least an interesting villian.

5. Please let him not be another freak-of-the-week. Let him have a very interesting, un-deux-ex-machina role that  stretches out over the season story arc. We don't need another Jane-Seymour-as-WTF-is-Genvieve-Teague fiasco like in fourth season. 

6. Please don't let him die a gruesome death. Please don't let him die a James Norrington death. Please don't let  him die, period. 

7. Please let them make him wear lots of crazy ties and make lots of allusions to Lois and Clark. I loved it when they did that with James Masters. "There's no such thing as vampires, Clark". Hahahahaha! 

And while you're at it, kind fairy godmother, please have Teri Hatcher guest star alongside him as his love interest. You did it with Chris and Margot Kidder, you can work the magic now. Please?

When Paris Hilton joins a convent? Is that a promise? 

UPDATE: Apparently, there is a strong likelihood that Dr. Curtis Knox will turn out to be Vandal Savage. Which would be fitting, as the last Superman actor who guest starred was called Virgil Swann. 

So is it just me, or does this picture of Vandal Savage bear a strong resemblence to Dean Cain (as he is now)?

Goddamn sexy build? Check. Slightly oriental eyes? Check. Looks like that in a goatee? *whimper* Check. Hair slicked back? Check. Large, sexy, drool-worthy, strong-looking, bedroom hands? *ahem* Check. Looks good in blue? Check. 

Vandal Savage it is! *sigh*

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Y'all remember that bout of Smallville bashing I indulged in a while ago, wherein I proclaimed that all shows turn into a soap after the fourth season? Well, I have a confession to make. I hadn't actually watched the fifth season then, only read the episode transcripts. I went out and bought the complete Season 5, the other day and had another binge-watching session. 

Conclusion: Season Five is the best Smallville Season to date.

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How the fricking hell did I get hooked on Smallville?!





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