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Five favourite DC comic book series:

In which I pimp out my favourite titles )

So what are yours?
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See that? Timmy's smiling again! And wow, Superboy sure looks pretty. Maybe he can persuade Tim to change his godawful bargain-dumpster costume. 

I think the truly disproportionate amount of joy this cover brings me is strongly indicative of the fact that I've been reading slash too long and too late. But I've always loved their friendship as well, at least before they both went emo!teen. 

Cannot. Wait. To get my hands on this. 
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People come back from the dead, two hours after they die, completely deranged.


I thought this stuff only happened in DC Comics.

Does this mean the Lazarus Pits have a strain of swine flu in it?

DC characters who were secretly infected with swine flu:
1. Jason Todd
2. Jericho
3. Ra's Al Ghul
3. Black Canary (she married Ollie after he made her believe her daughter was dead)
4. Superboy (oh, just you wait and see!) 

Sometimes truth is as strange as fiction. They're even calling it "novel flu". 

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Urgh. Now I remember why I never got into Superhero comics.  

1) It's like Days of Our Lives, only more bizarre and it never ends. 
2) The writers have something deep and fundamental against heroes remaining happy. 
3) All that Earth 2, Earth 1, Infinite Crisis of Earths shit. How does anyone keep them all straight? 
4) All the brightly colored spandex. Even Superman can't live that down. 
5) Moral ambiguity and the fact that every single psycho has some kind of sob story for why they turned out the way they did. I never thought I'd see the day when I would relish the idea of somebody who just liked being evil for the fun of it. 
6) Nobody can fucking stay married or dead. Again, like Days of Our Lives

Also, Batman is a lot more fucked up in the comics than even Chris Nolan could begin to comprehend. I'm not sure I like him very much. He's too aloof and intimidating and emotionally retarded. 

For me, the only good stories are the ones  that know when to end. 

I think I'll stick to Nolanverse from now on, thanks. Comics are all well and good, but they should be consumed occasionally and in small doses. 

I might feel differently in the morning, though. Right now, it's 1.30 am, I have a headache and I feel  rather traumatized after reading about the plot of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

*gets Zantanna to mind-wipe all memory of DC comic storylines from mind* 

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