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Five favourite DC comic book series:

In which I pimp out my favourite titles )

So what are yours?
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I am very, very sad about David Carradine dying. Kung Fu: the Legend Continues was one of my favourite TV series' when I was growing up. And then I grew up and watched it and was appalled at how hammy and sexist the whole thing was, but then that was pretty much true of most eighties TV fare.

RIP David, long live Kwai Chang Cain.

So, some lolariousness to get over the blues:

A cartoon about the special love between an emo teen girl and her sparkly vampire

"Packing up and moving on" blog post by the producer of the recently defunct Terminator: The Sarah O'Connor Chronicles, which full of lulzy lols in a resigned, gallows humour, freakingly funny kind of way. I wanted to pat him on the head and buy him candy, and I've never even watched the show. 

[profile] the_dark_cat presents Father's Day for Batman and Sons. God, I wish for puppies, happy children, rainbows and for this strip to be officially made canon. 

On the other hand, it is canon that Judd Winnick and Grace Choi ships Nightwing/ Arsenal. So the man can't be all bad. 

Thanks to [ profile] cleolinda and scans_daily for the links!

In other news, I watched Prince Caspian today and am now furiously shipping Peter/Caspian, although I think I'm going to keep Edmund and his awesome snark to myself. I have a feeling that C.S. Lewis would not approve of this, which is an added bonus. Oh, I am going to miss Peter and his the next movie! 

Here, have a parody

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Johnny Depp + Christian Bale = Public Enemy, July 1st.

Which means I'll have to wait another three months to see it here in SL!

OMGUGUISEIMGONNADIE!!!!  I will DIE if I get both of them onscreen at the same time! Who do I root for? 

Please, please, dear Nolan God, let Depp be cast in the next Batman movie too! 

AAIIIIEEEE!!!!!! *scares the owls* 
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I just found a fanfic where Tim Drake and Jason Todd travel through small town America in a 1967 Chevy Impala, listening to classic rock cassettes, eating greasy fast food, and sleeping in cheap motels while they hunt down and kill criminals. 

I'm not making this shit up. Flip to page 484. 

Jesus. *is awestruck at some people's brains*
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For those of you who are clueless non-Batfans, The Robin in the front seat is Dick Grayson (the original Boy Wonder and the awesomest big brother in the world), with sassy Jason Todd (who was killed by fan request in the 80s, resurrected and then went totally psycho) and Spidey fan Tim Drake (current Robin) in the back seat. The little bat is baby Terry McGinnis, who inherits the Bat mantle in the futuristic animation Batman Beyond.

In my universe, Batman and Sons is totally canon. 
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Dear Tim Drake slashfic authors,

What is with you and making Tim wear racy red cocktail dresses? No, really, is it a fandom-wide fetish? It's not even genderswap, you just want him to wear a dress, whether he be bottom or top. I do not understand how this idea came to be.

But please keep doing it.

Your appreciatively,

A twisted Dick/Tim shipper.

Reading pr0n at work? Moi? Perish the thought!

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Yes, yes, I have heard the hooplah surrounding Christian Bale's meltdown on the set of Terminator Salvation. On one hand, as a Bale fan, I'm disappointed because he comes off sounding like a complete arse. I mean, it's really his acting talent I appreciat him for, but I'd like it if he were a nice guy as well. On the other hand, as someone pointed out, an actor threw a bitchfit on set? Really? You'd think they were all overpaid prima donnas anyway... 

Take a fuckin' Chill Pill, Senor Bale. 

But this wankery I do not mind, because this EPIC GIF was born of it:

Cut to be kind to dial-uppers, and apologies to those who follow scans_daily )
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"What I am doing is a fate worse than death, things that no one would expect to happen to these guys at all," Mr Morrison told Comic Book Resources.

"When we begin to suspect the identity of the villain, I think it's the most, like I said the other day, it's possibly the most shocking Batman revelation in 70 years."

The scans of the end of R.I.P Batman just went up on [ profile] scans_daily .


No seriously, WHUT. JUST. HAPPENED?

After all that hype, this is how they are going to kill off the freaking Batman

Particularly in light of this post, the whole thing becomes even exponentially funnier. 


Kudos for sheer Whatthefuckery, DC! 

They cancelled Robin, Nightwing and Birds of Prey for this. *headdesk*

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It's official. I'm NaNo-ing.

Word Count: 1677.
Plot: No idea. Well a glimmering of one. Just seeing where my fingers will lead me.
Genre: Batman. Nolanverse AU. Mystery, adventure and Romance. Violence, profanity and porn will be possibly be involved, for my enjoyment.  Hetfic, I think, because I'd have to be really insane to try slash on my first try. 
Rating: R if not NC-17 
Title: Dude, I don't even have a plot! 

Here it is, if you wanna see. Character voices are non-existent, so I'll probably have to re-write the whole dadgum thing from scratch during edits (if I ever get that far). For now, however, I'm not looking back! Whee! 
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I mentioned I'm going to write a Nolanverse Batman fanfic for NaNoWriMo. Actually, it's going to be an AU Nolanverse fic, because ever since I came out of the theater after having watched The Dark Knight, there was one thought in my head - Harvey shouldn't have died that way. This has a lot to do with my set-in-stone views about what constitutes superhero movies (you can make it as gritty and realistic as you bloody want as long as the good guys win, damn it) and even more to do with my crush on Aaron Eckhart's character. Also the fact that I started shipping Bruce/Harvey since the dinner scene. XD 

I have several stories in mind, and Harvey and Rachel are alive in all of them. There are ways to keep the existential angst up and running without blowing up people (who aren't even Katie Holmes) as plot devices, IMO. There is no reason Harvey can't still struggle with multiple personality disorder even without getting half his pretty, pretty, Robert Redford face blown to shit. The Long Halloween says so. 

minor to major spoilers for anyone who still hasn't watched The Dark Knight. (Do they even exist?) )

On a side note, I realize I have never mentioned that Batman Begins is my favourite movie of all time. Seeing as this is despite the presence of Katie Holmes (from whom my soul has recoiled in horror since her Dawson's Creek days) and the existence of Peter Jackson's cinematic masterpieces on this earth, it is a pretty high compliment. I fangirl it worse than the writers of do. 

So, uh, to come back to my NaNoWriMo plots. I have decided to stick to Nolanverse and operate free of the comics canon, mostly because the comics were giving me a headache. And don't even talk to me about Batman Beyond, unless it's to tell me where to send my therapist's bills. However, that doesn't mean I'm not going to let myself bodily lift plots and storylines from be influenced by the comics. 

I've mapped about ten stories that takes place one after the other, starting from a post AU TDK setting. Here they are: 

Beware of rabid plot bunnies within. )

There is nothing that necessitates me writing the stories in order of continuity, and I'm quite certain I'll never be able to write all of them. So your ideas and opinions would be appreciated. =) Also, if any of the plot bunnies strike your fancy, please feel free to take. 

Now all I have to do is contemplate actually writing any of this stuff without freaking out. 

*privately mourns Rose/ Scorpius story* 
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I have never been a fan of superhero comics...until now. I blame Christian Bale and Chris Nolan.  And wikipedia.

So, Batman: Year One - Awesome, dude!

Batman: the Killing Joke: *jawdrop*

I never knew comics could br so creeptastic and mind-blowingly awesome. I suddenly understand all that Joker/ Batman slash. I mean, it's quite canon, innit?  

Maaaaan. O_O That was kind of like watching The Dark Knight all over again. Even better. BatBale can rope in the droves of fangirls, but he never thought to incorporate the essential vein of dark psychosis that lurks at the edges of Bruce's personality. Bale's Bat, despite the snarly voice and Jack Bauer interrogation style, is fundamentally a noble animal. Not this terrifying anti-hero who teeters at the edge of the abyss every waking hour. 

It's a shame, really. Christian could really pull it off if he wanted to. All it takes is to mix in a little bit of Grammaton Cleric Preston and Patrick Bateman into the superhero cocktail. 

This story really grabs you by the front of your lapels. I'm prepared for Batman to be darker, grittier and more noir than my usual fannish tastes, but The Killing Joke is not's eerie and blood red and mad. It's essentially a horror novel that leaves you frightened more of the main protagonist and what goes inside your own head than the madness of a psychotic criminal. It also has one of the best endings in fiction ever.   

However, I am not a person who favours contemplating the darkness of humanity over-much, and after such a dose of it, I feel rather like fleeing into Superman's reassuring arms.  *contemplates reading LnC fic* 

I give in, Lara. Where's the good Clark Kent/ Bruce Wayne slash? The pair of them just have too much delicious potential.

Comics are highly underrated, I conclude. Somebody flag down that bandwagon, I wanna jump on it.

ETA: Christian Bale is only number 11 on the World's Sexiest Men list? Piffle! What a farce!
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Dear Nolanverse Batman fanfic writers,

For the love of God, ENOUGH with the Batman/ Joker pairing already! I mean, I have nothing against BDSM slash but did you even see the same movie I did?! I find it extremely disturbing how many of you find a garish, green-haired sociopath with no concept of dental hygiene sexy. Also, I know Gary Oldman's Gordon is very cuddly, but IMO, Gordon/ Batman is about as wrong as Alfred/Bruce.  (And don't let that give you any ideas!) 

Also, FYI, Harley Quinn is the most annoying piece of shit that ever appeared in The Animated Series and nearly all your OCs are Mary Sues who make Bella Swann seem like a revolutionary brand of feminist heroine. I'd venture into the Batman comics fandom, but my tolerance for spandex-clad superheroes only stretch to Lois and Clark and the X-Men cartoon series. Also, there is not enough DO NOT WANT in the world for Dick/Bruce slash. Can you say Daddycest?

However, I am willing to feed an unholy amount of reviews to anyone who wants to write  Dick/ Bruce father-son fics, or fics pairing  Brce with Harvey Dent, Selena Kyle or Andrea Beaumont. Or any half-way decent OC, really, presuming those are allowed to exist in this fandom. 

I wouldn't mind, really, but  it is severely trying to belong to a half-a-dozen Batman Begins communities and still have to dig through to find decent fic to read. 

A fanfic deprived fangirl.

P.S:  Appropos of nothing, but have you guys noticed that Christian Bale has sexy helmet hair? How does the guy do it? 

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Guys, isn't this just spectaculous?

Well? What are you waiting for? 

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