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It's rather weird to be defending pro-life when you're pro-choice yourself.

See, the thing is, I DON'T believe that all pro-life activists are misogynists and anti-feminists. I know that the feminist agenda will always include pro-choice, but I don't see why people who cannot agree on only that aspect of feminism should be automatically disqualified from being feminists at all. 

Hence, this huge OT thread on [ profile] anti_feminism . 

It's really weird. My own pro-choice beliefs are continually parrotted back at me, when all I want to say it that people who believe in pro-life aren't automatically evil. 

I just understand that pro-life women are placed in a rather impossible postion. They believe that abortion is the same as murder, and murder is basically universal morality. So of course saying "that's just your belief, and you can't impose it on me" can't fly with them. But at the same time, a lot of pro-life women care about women's rights too. 

I am honestly confused about this whole "you can be personally pro-life, but it doesn't matter as long as you're politically pro-choice" issue. Isn't pro-choice and pro-life always a political stance? You either think that women should have a choice in the matter, murder or nor murder, or you want the law to intervene and take that choice away. There's no such thing as pro-abortion, after all. 

This is why I get so tired of the feminist movement sometimes. It's as intolerant and narrow-minded as any antiquated church. You can't be feminist if you give up your career and have children, you can't be feminist if you're a devout Christian, you can't be feminist if you don't believe pornography is evil, you can't be feminist if you like blowing men, you can't be feminist if you think that sluts do exist, you can't be feminist, YOU CAN'T BE FEMINIST!


It's even more fucked up than the Monotheistic Churches. At least they've had centuries to evolve and grasp the concept of tolerance. And they're not in a constant state of war with one another now.  

Would it kill the radicals to admit that they can still disagree on certain issues, fight against each other on certain issues, and still be part of the same damn movement?

And now I'm sitting back thinking that maybe I'm the one who doesn't get it. Maybe I AM 'over-open-minded'. Will I look back on this post in another six months and groan at my own naivete? 

I'm feeling very young and uncertain today.
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According to this BMI calculator, I can only safely afford to lose approximately 2.3 lbs unless I want to be classified as underweight.

This should be cause for celebration, but I can't believe that all this flab I consider superflous, prevents me wearing sleeveless tops and makes me obsess over my flabby stomach amounts to only 2.3 lbs. There has to be a mistake somewhere. Otherwise, it'd mean I'd need to be underweight to acheive my dream figure. *sadface*

Or build a lot of muscle. And those resistance training exercises are kiling me as they are.

You know, what I really have got to make my peace with is the fact that no amount of exercise will leave me looking like Carmen Electra or somebody. (Not that I want to look like Carmen Electra, or would be able to without breast implants even if I did, what with that rack she's got) Especially since I refuse to diet and my primary intention remains being as fit as I possibly can.

I was born with this body shape. Not for me will be the long, glamorous legs or hourglass figure. I have a pear-shaped body, with short, rather stumpy legs and wide hips. For a body that has no glaring defect nor disfigurement, and has been functioning rather awesomely for the past 21 years, it has been severely underappreciated.

But you know, this whole "accepting yourself for who you are" deal is a rather tough one. Mostly because I'm vain and jealous and superficial and I think it's really unfair that I'll never look as good in a mini-skirt as some of my other leggy friends, who never had to work out a day in their lives to do it either.

I dealt with my confidence issues by learning to be as presentable as I could be, which culminated in me becoming a certified clothes-horse. It has nearly crushed my innate nerdhood and turned me into a young Carrie Bradshaw (without the shoe collection and raging nymphomania). If I ever earned for myself rather than mooched off my parent's savings account, I'd have a similar "substance abuse problem" all set and ready to destroy me. I have been known to set aside The Hobbit in favour of surfing clothing catalogs on-line. I feel like a spineless sell-out and a traitor unto nerdkind. Tolkien would cast me from his altar in shame.

And yet, the clothes are so pweeety! *sob*

It doesn't help that I have an appalling amount of clothes already, that my make-up bag has six different kinds of mascara and is roughly the size of a professional bridal-dresser's and that my boyfriend probably wouldn't care if I was twenty pounds overweight and regularly wore gunny sacks.

Why am I doing this to myself? What am I trying to prove and to whom?

I wish I could have dealt with my insecurities like Hermione Granger did. She got over her buckteeth and big hair and social ineptitude by reassuring her sense of self-worth through intellectual acheivement and annoying the hell out of everybody in a ten-meter radius.

Notes to self:
a)Do not read fashion magazines. They corrupt your mind and feed your immortal soul to the corporate hordes. It's just a form of legal wallet-snatching.
b)Stop plaguing everybody with your fitness kick. You're just trying to indulge your vanity self-righteously anyway.
c)Shut up identifying with fictional characters. It is high time you got your pathetic girl-crush on Hermione Granger out of your system and moved the hell on.

And on that firm note, I shall go to bed.
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Meet one of Bollywood's hottest starlets, Sonam Kapoor.

Who is she: Sonam Kapoor was formerly better known as nineties hearthrob Anil Kapoor's daughter, or "that fat little kid" who was a personal assistant to one of the most influential contemporary Bollywood directors, Sanjay Leela Bhansali (of Devdas fame). One day, luck and Mr.SLB smiled on her and, after losing 35 kgs in six months, she was cast in the lead role of his much-hyped 2008 musical Saawariya

The movie bombed at the box office, but the lead-couple had already caught the nation's attention. Sonam Kapoor, in particular, captured young girls' imagination with her ugly-fat-duckling-turned-55kg-swan story and became a beacon of hope for angsty overweight kids everywhere. 

Right. So far so good.

Now meet her douchebag of a father, who decided to celebrate his daughter's 23rd birthday by buying her a sugarless cake.  

"I thought I had slimmed enough. I lost 35 kgs before Saawariya. I’ve been constantly keeping my weight down. But I think Dad knows the other girls are looking very slim these days. It was his way of letting me know that I needed to get even thinner. A strange present on my birthday."

But Dad Anil Kapoor did make a ’weighty’ statement. Sonam has caught on. "I’m going on a diet. I need to get thinner to look comparable with the other girls. Look at Deepika. She’s athletic and slim. I’m not an athlete. But I’m a runner. I love to go on long runs all on my own for miles and miles. That is a sure way to lose weight."

Okay, so she's not starving herself, (at least I hope not) and she's going to use running as a weight-loss method. So what's the matter?

Well, this:

With dad prodding her into a fat-free awakening Sonam is about to lose more kilos. "I have to. It’s not a vanity. It’s for my sanity. I can’t be happy being healthy when the other girls are frantically losing weight. So thanks to my Dad I’m losing more weight."

This woman is a stunning 5 ft 9", 135 pound twenty-frikkin'-three year old. She's healthy, talented and beautiful. But she's still not going to feel good about herself till she turns herself into a rake. Why? Because she will go insane if she doesn't end up as anorexic as other girls! 

Yes, Mr. Anil Kapoor, nothing says, "Happy Birthday to you, other girls aren't fat, why are you?" quite like a sugarless birthday cake. 

I dunno about you, but I think birthdays are about celebrating the good things you have in life. Like the fact that you are not a diebetic, for example. 

All this is rather ironic, given her fitness interview in Filmfare magazine. Note the last pearl of wisdom: Above all, always feel good about yourself no matter what size you are!

You clearly do practice what you preach, Miss Kapoor. Way to set a glowing example for all those teeny-boppers. Succumb to peer pressure and look like a barbecue stick, everyone!

In other news, you know the fairness cream companies have completely brainwashed India when they are allowed to do something like this: New Pond's White Beauty Advertisement Features Neha Dhupia Pwning Wheaty-Skinned Priyanka Chopra. 

Cut for the non-dial-up-friendly pics. )

Let it also be noted that this is a wonderful way for two leading names in Bollywood to exploit the fawning masses. Saif Ali Khan cheerfully plays a dickhead who ditches his twu wuv because her skin tone turns him off and Priyanka Chorpa plays the bimbo who will bleach her face white to get him back. Very commedable, you lot. Catch me buying a single movie of yours again. 

I'm serious. I'm so damn infuriated with this woman-hating industry that I feel like binning my entire collection of Bollywood DVDs. At least then I wouldn't have this collusion to stamp out any semblance of women's lib from the Eastern hemisphere on my conscience. 

Listen up, you pea-brained bimbos. You wanna know who the most beautiful woman in Bollywood is?

Suck. It. Up.
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Swear to God, if I come across one more woman who tells me she's on a "watermellon diet"/ eats only an apple for breakfast/ is eating only one meal a day, I am going to totally lose my shit and throttle her.

What the fuck is WRONG with you people?!

I'm not being a hypocrite. I worry about overeating and obsess over my flabby stomach too. But my solution is to eat moderately and folow a steady workout regimen. I also use those hours I do not spend on friggin' Facebook to use the famous information superhighway to do a bit of homework on how and how far I can lose weight and tone down.

These women? The very mention of gym is anathema to them, they reject any technique that won't lose them 30 pounds a month and they come up with crazy-ass techniques they concoct in their own little heads - like eating only watermelons for lunch. Why? Because going to the gym is "too hard" or "too expensive".

*kicks something*


You can't be bothered to go to the gym, or you can't afford to go to the gym, but you can afford to starve yourself to death? And if a gym IS truly beyond your budget, then why not just do some basic stretching and aerobic exercises every day for twenty minutes?

I'll tell you why. Because the women of our day and generation are not trained to give a rat's fart about actual, long-term health. What they ARE brainwashed into believing is that their lives are worth much less than a person who can look good in a sheathe dress.

Call me a grandma, but I don't understand the modern concept of beauty anymore. The stick-thin creatures that are allowed to strut down the catwalk on TV makes my stomach turn. They are gaunt and hollow-eyed, and look vaguely like Aushwitz survivors. How people can compare THAT to a round cheeked, bright-eyed girl with some meat on her bones, I have NO idea.

But that's just me. Yes, stick-thin is attractive to some people. Plump is attractive to others. That's because beauty is a subjective issue. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

What's NOT subjective is good health. A healthy person is someone whose every organ fuctions at optimum capacity, be it their immune system, flexibility or brain power. How each person arrives at this point is subjective to their own unique bio-chemical make-up. Methods that work well for some do not produce the same results for others.

Here's an article that can explain the basics of how to gauge your state of health better.

Bottom-line, the main reason you exercise or diet should be to BE HEALTHIER. Losing weight is not always indicative of better health.

The point of living is to enjoy ALL the good things in life, not just a two-piece swimsuit. What the hell is the point of looking good in a swimsuit if you can't ever binge on pizza or stuff your face with chocolate occasionally? (Actually, gorging on junk food once a week while on a diet IMPROVES your metabolism and makes your diet more effective.) And it's not just food. What about the thrill of discovering just how strong and lithe a machine your body is? What about the sense of acheivement that comes from pushing yourself to swim just that one more lap when you feel about to collapse, and the thrill when you can FINALLY touch your forehead to your knees? What about knowing you are pyshically strong enough to land a significant punch on a guy who can't get that "no" means "no"?

You are missing out on half your life. Why? Because you want a 28-inch waistline in 20 days. Or because everybody else and their grandma's poodle thinks you should have a 28 inch waist. Which is even worse.

I will say it again.

My dear, dear, sisters, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

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