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And the Awesomesauce Award of the Year goes to.... [profile] pgwfolc !

Paul, you sweetheart!! (♥ x squishes) millionty! 

Indeed, going so long in ignorance of Inigo Montoya is pop-cultural blasphemy. Thanks for helping me correct this gaping flaw in my education. 

*dances with Kermit*


Round two.

Sep. 22nd, 2008 06:31 am
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The new meme! Forwarded by[ profile] schnuffichen
  1. [ profile] un_sedentary
  2. [ profile] just_ruth , [ profile] clarksmuse
  3. [ profile] anntsypants
  4. [ profile] purplephoenix03
  5. [ profile] just_ruth
  6. [ profile] kemidra ...(although, she must have been thrust eight years into the future as well. =P)
  7. [ profile] arielchan
  8. ALL of you. *squishes insanely*
  9. Well, that's about half my flist. You're all very trustworthy people.
  10. [ profile] pgwfolc
  11. [ profile] mrsmosley ,[ profile] just_ruth
  12. [ profile] anotherdreamer5
  13. [ profile] googlebrat
  14. About every one of you! But um, especially my darling [ profile] anntsypants .
  15. [ profile] mrsmosley . ' Cause she is my big sister. =D
  16. [ profile] faye_lights .
  17. TOO MANY PEOPLE! But I shall list them: [ profile] anntsypants , [ profile] batgirl1 , [ profile] cherrychalk , [ profile] clarksmuse , [ profile] cyad , [ profile] elluxion , [ profile] lostprincess87 , [ profile] mrsmosley , [ profile] pgwfolc , [ profile] purplephoenix03 , [ profile] un_sedentary , [ profile] viciousberries . And of course, [ profile] roaringsprite . Duh. It should be noted that I'm painfully reserved in RL and there's only a certain kind of person who can draw me out.
  18. [ profile] lostprincess87
  19. *scratches head* [ profile] just_ruth ?
  20. [ profile] googlebrat . =D
  21. [ profile] mrsmosley *hint, hint*
  22. [ profile] bardicvoice . Duh.
  23. Gah! TOO MANY PEOPLE! Why do so many of you have to kick ass at the same things? It is highly unoriginal, I tell you!
  24. [ profile] cyad ,[ profile] schnuffichen
  25. [ profile] pgwfolc
  26. Again, too many of you. But I pick [ profile] cherrychalk , because hers is the shiniest.
  27. Don't do this to me! Um,[info]googlebrat. Or[info]pgwfolc
  28. [Bad username or unknown identity: . That was harder than the last one. Come my pretties, let me TAG you. Muahahahahaha! ]
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Sent to me by [ profile] cyad .

The Rules
1. There are 30 questions.
2. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
3. Answer one question with one name.
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

  1. [ profile] lostprincess87 
  2. [ profile] anntsypants 
  3. not sure
  4. [ profile] guipago 
  5. [ profile] cyad . =D
  6. [ profile] googlebrat 
  7. [ profile] missile_envy 
  8. tie between [ profile] un_sedentary and[ profile] anntsypants 
  9. [ profile] anntsypants . This has happened.
  10. [ profile] mrsmosley 
  11. [ profile] quidditchkiss 
  12. [ profile] schnuffichen 
  13. [ profile] purplephoenix03 
  14. er...which is supposed to be what?
  15. [ profile] roaringsprite ! *is kinky* 
  16. I choose to intepret this question in a particular way and say[ profile] anotherdreamer5 
  17. [ profile] ilk_girl . But only because she's tiny.
  18. [ profile] elluxion 
  19. That's about half my flist, yo. [ profile] clarksmuse ? 
  20. [ profile] cherrychalk 
  21. whut?
  22. WHUT?
  23. I am a free woman. 
  24. I have no such people on my flist.
  25. How on earth would I know?
  26. [ profile] roaringsprite . I don't think it, I know it. =D
  27. [ profile] roaringsprite 
  28. [ profile] chaperoned 
  29. [ profile] roaringsprite 
  30. I love you all to bits and pieces. Also, this meme goes batshit after question 15. 
Anyone wanting to know WTH  may comment to that effect and thereby become automatically tagged and have the questions forwarded to them. It's actually rather fun. 
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This is just to let 

[profile] laramoon and [personal profile] cyad know that I got their lovely card and the spirit beads a couple of days ago. And it's BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much, guys! I collected my mail on my way out to meet Sajiv for our usual afternoon date and opened it with him and squealed so loud I nearly startled the entire coffeehouse! It took me a few minutes to figure out that it wasn't a necklace, but when I read the label I felt even more squeeful! Have I told you how much I love you guys yet?

***loooong hugs to both Lara and Carole****

I wanted to make a long, squeeful post complete with pictures soon after, but then I got sick and then all hell broke loose at home and then I had to go on a family trip to the South for some R&R. So I just decided to shove my planned celebratory back-to-LJ post with the pics and all (mostly because both the cameras are bloody AWOL. Don't ask.) and just let you know. But you know, I now possess your mailing addresses too, so you never know when you might find a surprise in your own mailbox! ;-D

I'm not doing well. Things are crazy at home. I know I'm withdrawing (it's a bad habit of mine) but I can't help it. I don't want to write or post about much of anything. Maybe it's because Sajiv is usually there, faithfully every night, for me to unload all my troubles and ranting and generally provide the small island of sanity that I so desperately crave. So at the end of the day, I just feel calm and excorcised and rather too drained to write anything. 

I know you've noticed I haven't been around much, and I feel really bad for being so out of touch with my flist whom I love so much. But I really can't handle living two lives at the moment, even when my LJ life has given me so much. I need to take a break from my on-line activites and focus on RL for a while. Maybe I'll be back within a week or two, maybe it'll take more than that. I hope you guys understand. I have no intention of leaving LJ for months, but I do need some time to sort out my own head. No, I'm not depressed. I don't think I'm in any danger of it either. The boyfriend, he is my bubble of sanity. I'm just really stressed out.

Once again, thank you so much for everything you guys have done for me. Even when I don't log in for a long time, I think about every one of you every day. I promise I'll be back soon. I know I'll miss you guys too much if I don't. 

This is not to say that I may not post random, unrelated links and anecdotes if the mood hits me. It's just that I'm not really going to be there for a while, you understand. I really, really hope you do. 

I love you guys.



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This is a post of many parts and purposes, dedicated to many people. 

Firstly, it is for  [profile] clarksmuse  for bequeathing me the glory that is Enya.

Secondly, it is a present for  [personal profile] cyad  who has been waiting for this very patiently. 

Thirdly, it is a "welcome" gift for the new additions to my friends-list, [profile] never_evil  , [profile] quidditchkiss  , [profile] roaringsprite  ,  [profile] schnuffichen  and a rather belated one for  [profile] beadlebardreads  and [profile] prelude_in_d  . 

Fourthly, it is a thank you present for [personal profile] just_ruth  , for making my week with her gift which I got in the mail the other day. 

Fifthly, it is something to soothe [profile] lostprincess87  's migraines, poor honey, because I've been told that Loreena is very soothing for that kind of thing. 

Sixthly, it is for all the people who included me in their "Ten People Who Make My Day Brighter" meme. I am very touched, and I will post a meme of my own soon, but it certainly won't be just ten people. =)

Right. On with the music. 

(Links lead to both megaupload and torrent downloads at





So Be It.

Feb. 12th, 2008 11:52 am
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Ending a friendship is always hard, but ending contact between yourself and your best friend of the past five years is excruciating. Yet, it must be done for my own sanity and self-dignity. I've been through too much anger and hurt and grief for the past few weeks on account of her. And I hate myself for it. Grieving in this way, feeling furious means that I still love her inspite of all the things she's done to me, and she doesn't deserve another moment's thought from me, let alone love. There are things you should never subject a guest, friend or human being to and in a space of two days she managed to cross the line on all of them. 

My parents are behind my decision 100%. I think my mother in particular is even angrier at her than I am. They liked her beyond all of my other friends and trusted her to take care of me on my first ever two-day trip away from them, and let me go to a place they didn't know at a time when I was not quite mentally stable. She betrayed that trust by treating me like this. 

She is one person who is not in the least welcome in my home or my life anymore.
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My best friend sent me this song. It basically sums up the five years of our friendship. She flying, I holding back. In a nutshell, it's the reason why we're still friends and will always be. I think it's just what I needed to lift me out of my blue funk. Hope somebody else also identifies with this lovely song.

Rie Fu - Decay (English Version) lyrics
You could’ve said a word but you turned away
Why do you always act such a passive way?
Now don’t you ever think that I would suck up to you
But I still believe in you
When I was given freedom, oh all I did was flee
When I turn back there was nothing to see
You closed your doors before I could open mine
Now I know, now I see, it was a waste of time
The days go by, you never seem to learn to fly
And all you do is find the reason why
And all I wished for was for you to face your dreams
I still believe that you can fly
When I was given passion, oh I tried to cool it down
Till I found out, I couldn’t say the words I wanted to say
You are the sun to lighten up my shadows, saved me
And never let it go
The days go by, you never seem to learn to fly
And all you do is find the reason why
And all I wished for was for you to face your dreams
I still believe that you can fly
There’s no way I can talk to who you were ten days ago
Cause you are who you are now
When I was facing reality, I lived in fantasy
Till I put it aside in the space between you and me
If only I could reach the voice in the water
Take me there, it’s gonna be much better
As days go by, we all need to learn to fly
If only I didn’t care about the reason why
And all I wished for was for you to meet my dreams
I still believe that we can fly
I’m just waiting for you to stand up to it
What are you waiting for?
You could’ve said a word but you turned away
Why do you always act such a passive way?
Now don’t you ever think that I would suck up to you
But I still believe in you

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I cannot BELIEVE I missed [profile] belladonna_tb's birthday!

Sweetie, I hope 2008, and your 26th year on this big dumb blue beautiful planet will bring everything you hope for!

Tweety Bird thinks so too. =D


Here, have some birthday cake:

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