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Johnny Depp + Christian Bale = Public Enemy, July 1st.

Which means I'll have to wait another three months to see it here in SL!

OMGUGUISEIMGONNADIE!!!!  I will DIE if I get both of them onscreen at the same time! Who do I root for? 

Please, please, dear Nolan God, let Depp be cast in the next Batman movie too! 

AAIIIIEEEE!!!!!! *scares the owls* 
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I dug this out from the bowels of my hard drive and thought we'd all have a giggle. I think I wrote this as a challenge on Tricia's LJ, when she wanted a note from a fictional character. Keep in mind, this was written before AWE came out. 

Ahoy there, mate!

My acute intuition of the female creature tells me that you are thinking of shagging me on deck incessantly. After all, we are both very much alike, you and me. I and you. Us. Never mind that Miss Dolly-Belle, What’s-er-face, Miss Moral Center passed me up. I’m sorry you had to see that, love. I should have known that a woman who could prefer a wet-behind-the-ears, soprano-voiced, eunuch like Turner over me, wasn’t worth wasting my rum over. And whatever she says, I really don’t smell that bad!

So what d’you say, m’darling? After all, being a captain, it is very much within my power to perform a marri-arge, if need be. Right here. Right now.

And later, we’d find a tiny island and lie in the sun drinking rum and singing about really bad eggs. And I’d be able to give you a right royal welcome to the Caribbean! Savvy?  

Still rooting for you, love,
Captain Jack Sparrow.

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1. You interject the word “savvy” into every third sentence that comes out of your mouth.

2. You find yourself having fencing matches with your nine-year-old brother using random coat hangers and foot rulers belonging to the aforesaid nine-year-old.

3. You can quote many of the scenes in Curse of the Black Pearl and nearly the whole of Dead Man’s Chest. In fact, you endlessly annoy the less-POTC-inducted people by voicing the script while watching the movies with them.

4. You endlessly annoy people by quoting POTC lines at them in and out of season.

5. You can even quote the bloopers in the Special Features section of the DVD.

6. You bug people who have not seen the movies by interspersing in your conversations, mysterious references to “jars of dirt”, “sea turtles” and rum.

7. You automatically go “Captain!” when reviewers refer to Jack Sparrow.

8. You shout things like “hard to starboard!” when in traffic

9. You nag people to go and see the movies so much that they end up refusing to out of sheer principle.

10. Nobody will ever be in a quandary about what to get you for your birthday. The POTC posters, bumper stickers, bed linen, bags, key tags, desktop, icons and T-shirts with sayings like “Sparrow is my co-pirate” and “I gotta jar o’ dirt and I’m not afraid to use it!”, might give them a pretty big clue.

11. You break out into a Jack Sparrow-style walk occasionally, and at times, involuntarily.

12. You are pretty militant and inflexible about your ship. Johnny Depp is way too old for Keira Knightley, after all, Captain Sparrow or not. And don’t even get started on Sparrow/ Norrington….

13. You attempt to organize military coups against Elizabeth/ Norrington shippers.

14. You rewind the end credits of Dead Man’s Chest over and over and over and over again, just to hear the amazing swashbuckler of a sound track. And then your own sister starts giving you wide berth.

15. You know that there’s a scene at the very end of the credits of each movie, that refer to the fate the animals. We see Jack the monkey again becoming undead by pilfering a coin out of the cursed chest at the end of CotBP, and we see that the cannibals have made the jailer’s dog their chief at the end of DMC.

16. You knew to watch out for them in the first place because you have memorized the Wikipedia pages on everything regarding the movies. You regularly check the Wikipedia page on At World’s End to find out whether there’s any new info on the upcoming movie.

17. You won’t let your friends watch the movies before informing them that the looks of astonishment on everybody’s face at seeing *ahem* descended from the stairs in Tia Dalma’s hut at the end of DMC were completely genuine. Gore Verbinski told everybody to expect Annamaria. Also that the scene where Elizabeth kisses Sparrow was purposely deleted from Orlando Bloom’s script, for much the same effect. So that flabbergasted look on his face is 100% genuine.

18. You know that Ragetti is Pintel’s nephew.

19. You will not let the uninitiated watch DMC without watching CotBP first; neither can you bear to part with your own copy. Therefore you invite people to watch it with you without any qualms about you being able to sit through it for the twelfth time. Or you blow your allowance buying copies for people who won’t bother watching it for a month after you’ve given it to them.

20. You kiss your POTC DVDs every time you rearrange the DVD rack.

21. You’d rather watch Pirates of the Caribbean than Lord of The Rings. (Blasphemy!)

That’s all I can think of for now. Please feel free to pitch in and contribute!

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