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I love cheesy romance, happy Disney endings and small-town tales. And I just watched Ten Inch Hero.

What a crap excuse for a film. The only reason I don't regret downloading it is because Jensen's in it and the tampon scene was funny. Otherwise, it's the most sickly sweet, sex-obsessed, poorly-written, hypocritical, hippie-wannabe piece of shit that I've ever watched. Jensen is a good actor, but he can't pick his movies to save his life (or career). Priestly is about the most genuine, likeable character in it, and his character gets completely annihilated in the end. 

And it got an 8.8 rating on IMDB? WTF? Granted, it's not the worst movie I've ever watched, and the storylines do manage to keep you interested, but the screenplay reads like it was written by a high schooler, the narrative is clumsy, every single storyline disappoints you in the end and you just feel like throwing things at the screen half the time. No wonder it had so much difficulty finding a distributer. 

Do yourself a favour and leave this one on the shelf. Unless you really, really love Jensen Ackles and would sit through any sort of crap for him. I feel like I've done more than enough in that department. I sat through the second season of Dark Angel, the fourth season of Smallville, Devour, most of the third season of Supernatural and now this failure of the indie genre for him. That's how much I love Jensen Ackles.

God, Jensen, you're so much better than this. *sigh* 

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There is a saying among the fangirls: 

I worship at the shrine of Jensen Ackles' arse. 

No, not that one. 

This one:

And then Lucifer spawned Wentworth Miller and said "Up Thine" , causing God to drop-kick him out the Pearly Gates.
Apparently, March the 1st was that day. Little did Mrs. Ackles know 30 years ago that the screaming, squirming red-faced bundle she had given birth to would one day grow up and kill fangirls all over the world with Teh HAWT. 

Happy Birthday, Beautiful! May you finally get an Emmy nomination this year. You're looong overdue.

< removes rabid fangirl hat >
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I want to stop trembling.

I want to stop taking pills. 

I want to stop whining. 

I want to find something to be enthusiastic about. Anything. 

I want to spend time with all my friends.

I want my weekly dose of the therapeutic Winchester pretty.

I want Show back!!

P.S: It is official. The Ackles has great therapeutic value. I just spent over a hour ogling him in fanvids on YouTube and being completely distracted from all the aches and tremors and existential angst. They should market him as anti-depressant. The only side-effects of the Ackles anti-depressant is possible ovary explosion, severe addiction and excessive drooling. Although withdrawal can be a bitch.

P.S2: I just realized that he's wearing eyeliner in my icon! How come they make him wear eyeliner everytime he has to come over all emo? Do they think the Ackting cannot stand without the emo Goth eyeliner to really make a statement? I thought it was just a quirk of the SPN make-up department, but apparently the folks over at Dark Angel had the same idea. Somebody should do an Eyeliner!Jensen picspam.
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Dear SPN people on my flist,

All I've been hearing from you for the past week is moaning about the fat!Jensen gossip and the resulting wankage. I have not heard, nor can I find, any fat!Jensen Ackles wank. This is most unfair. I feel left out. Granted, it's my own fault for friending people with too much good sense and taste, but I still want to know what's going on. What's this about fat!Jensen? Does he have an eating disorder now? Is this like the chubby-headed-coke-addict!Jensen and the totally-having-closet-gay-sex-because-he-smokes!Jensen and married-to-Stephanie-Ware!Jensen of yesteryear? Are you keeping such richness from me, O heartless flist o' mine?

If so, you are doing me a great disservice. To this day, I have only to think of the phrase, "Jensen the Pregnant Hobo-Beating Hermaphrodite" to immediately feel optimistic about the universe. And that was only a summarized and result of the collective efforts of the last rumour mill.

I honestly don't want to resort to reading fandom_wank to get the newest updates. (Although those Jensen Ackles wank posts were kind of MADE of the WIN. Even fandom_wank has it's moments, I'll give it that. Especially on the rare occasion it's not trying to bash entire fandoms.)

What happened?! WANNA SEE! WANNA SEE!
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In this scene from Ten Inch Hero, Napolean Jones Priestly, must brave the enemy ranks of women's toiletries to pick up a pack of tampons for the office supply run. At the supermarket. Wearing his grandmother's skirt.

This is the one instance in this man's whole career where I can't find him even remotely hot, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that he can sell a character who looks like Sonic the Hedgehog on his hippie days,  as a woman's dream companion while wearing a "Surf Naked" t-shirt. And a kilt. And eyeliner.

I am getting a warm, rosy glow thinking about how much ragging he must have had to endure from Jared about that.

Yes, my dream guy is more than just a pretty face. He's also one of the most charismatic and talented of current-generation actors.*is proud*

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I swear, my fixation on Jensen Ackles is scaring even me at this point. I have GOT to snap out of it. Otherwise, I shall end up like that crazy fangirl who stalks his message boards trying to convince everyone that he's married to her. Or that batshit mental woman who tackled him at that convention.

Those people who have no idea who I'm talking about, he played Eric Brady in Days of Our Lives, Jen's love interest C.J in Dawson's Creek, Alec/ X5 - 494 in Dark Angel (pauses to squish Alec), Jason Teague in the fourth season of Smallville and is now one half of the sexy ghostbusting brethren on Supernatural, which show is my current obsession. Still not ringing any bells? Well, sucks to be you.

Dude! I'm starting to believe that there may be demonic powers at work here. I mean, the Anti-Christ is supposed to be quite hunk, isn't he? Or maybe he's actually the Demon of Lust, Luxuria, in a human male form.

Mmm... *licks lips lasciviously*

It's just that I want to marry him so much.

Right. Snapping out of it in one, two, three....

*sigh* I'm doomed.

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