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I am very, very sad about David Carradine dying. Kung Fu: the Legend Continues was one of my favourite TV series' when I was growing up. And then I grew up and watched it and was appalled at how hammy and sexist the whole thing was, but then that was pretty much true of most eighties TV fare.

RIP David, long live Kwai Chang Cain.

So, some lolariousness to get over the blues:

A cartoon about the special love between an emo teen girl and her sparkly vampire

"Packing up and moving on" blog post by the producer of the recently defunct Terminator: The Sarah O'Connor Chronicles, which full of lulzy lols in a resigned, gallows humour, freakingly funny kind of way. I wanted to pat him on the head and buy him candy, and I've never even watched the show. 

[profile] the_dark_cat presents Father's Day for Batman and Sons. God, I wish for puppies, happy children, rainbows and for this strip to be officially made canon. 

On the other hand, it is canon that Judd Winnick and Grace Choi ships Nightwing/ Arsenal. So the man can't be all bad. 

Thanks to [ profile] cleolinda and scans_daily for the links!

In other news, I watched Prince Caspian today and am now furiously shipping Peter/Caspian, although I think I'm going to keep Edmund and his awesome snark to myself. I have a feeling that C.S. Lewis would not approve of this, which is an added bonus. Oh, I am going to miss Peter and his the next movie! 

Here, have a parody

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It sucks to be such a pathological perfectionist that the fear of falling short of perfection prevents you from attempting anything. And nothing you ever do is good enough for you because you think you could still have done it better. 

Have headcase, need shrink. 
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How not to get possessed/ your plane crashed by a demon:

1.  Stay away from air vents.

2.  Hack into the airline employee database and make sure nobody who was previously involved in a plane crash is on board. 

3.  Take a nonchalant stroll up and down the ramp and check whether anybody creepy black or yellow eyes. If somebody has red eyes, it's either a crossroads demon or an Underworld fangeek and should be avoided at all costs in either case.

4.   Always carry your Handy Instant Holy Water Making Tool Kit - a water squirter, Bible and rosary.

5.   If you see anybody moving toward the emergency exit, slug him and threaten him with your Holy Water Gun.

6.   Learn excorcism rituals by heart in case your Bible flies out the emergency exit while you're grappling with the demon.

7.   Avoid grappling with the demon.

8.  Road trips are good alternatives to plane travel, but stay away from possibly haunted inter-state highways (in case of ghosts and phantom Ku Klux Klan trucks), bridges (also in case of ghosts), moors (more ghosts), swamps, cross-roads (demons), corn-fields (high school football players), orchards (man-eating pagan gods), woods (vampires) and any form of abandoned houses, factories, barns and motels.

Aw hell, you might just stay the fuck at home. But remember to salt the windows and keep an iron poker on you at all times. And NEVER GO IN THE BASEMENT!  

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