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I don't see how they can laugh at this. These people are clearly messed up and need serious help. 

Holy shit. 
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...they include you in their wanks.  

Seriously. I am mentioned in the wank post. I don't see that anything I said is wank-worthy, except the fact that I committed the cardinal sin of calling them on their bullshit. It's incredibly funny and a little flattering. Funny because they have absolutely no idea about the Supernatural fandom, except from their vantage point of the simplistic snarky tabloid angle so conducive for wanking their socks off about things they know nothing about. Flattering because you know you truly are a voice of sanity and good sense when you manage to piss off the people who are otherwise inclined.

It's all about Katie Cassidy's recent encounter with the law where she was arrested for underage drinking and theft of identity. Being a recent addition to Supernatural's recurring cast, most of the fans have given her a very cool reception to say the least, and given the clean track record the SPN cast has so far held with regard to their personal lives, this potential scandal is not winning the young actress any more fans. I myself and many others don't see it as big news at all, but some of the fans are pretty upset and the few of the truly batshit insane are taking the opportunity to have a grand bitch-fest about it. Needless to say, this caught the attention of fandom_wank, who put it together with the fact that none of the potential love interests or recurring females roles that have been introduced to this male-centered show, have been  warmly received by fandom.

As far as I can gather, the poster saw fit to throw me in with the rest of the sample bitching comments because I pointed out that we should tone down the bitch factor because "this community isn't fandom_wank".

I am tickled pink.

Yes, I don't approve of getting our info from the tabloids. No, I don't think this will make any impact on the SPN ratings, and certainly not while we have a writers strike going on. Yes, I don't think it's anything to make a fuss about - I hate Cassidy's acting, and I don't want her on the show, but I can't pass judgment on her as person because of that, can I? I don't know her, and people do stupid things all the time. Jensen Ackles himself once admitted to breaking into his high school gym with his buddies and vandalising the place. I think that's a far more serious infraction than a charge of underage drinking and then giving a false name to the police. But people change, don't they? So, I say quit the bitching and remember that it's not any of our business.

But some people have valid reasons to be upset. Katie Cassidy gave Taylor Cole's name as hers when she was first arrested, and Taylor Cole was a very popular guest star in Season One of Supernatural. I can understand that this doesn't go over well with Taylor fans. Others pride themselves on being fans of a show that proudly boasts a cast that has never made the tabloids for the wrong reasons.  Understandably, we want to protect that healthy image. I get that too. When people have strong and valid reasons to be upset about issues like this, they state them in reasonable terms and don't stoop to a barrage of foul-mouthed insults. *Salutes Supernatural fans on flist proudly* And in return, I don't trivialize them and their concerns.

I think that this is why I feel so sorry for fandom_wank. Half the time they're wanking away, they don't realize that most of the time they are demeaning themselves even more than the they demean the ones they wank. They don't realize that there are mitigating factors and valid issues that they constantly have the bad taste to trivialize with their snark. There are some good people among them, and I feel sorry when I see them dragged down to the level of the bad ones. But what can we do? It's fandom reality TV, and as everyone knows, reality TV brings out the worst in the human race.

I feel for you, fandom_wank.
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Considering the kind of “I-hate-Deathly-Hallows” tripe that’s being posted in the HP discussion forums, there comes a time when you feel like you’ve heard it all.


And then you find something like this:  


At least that one had good entertainment value, instead of being a ton of semi-comprehensive vitriol about how JKR had staged a massive cop-out. However, a shocking number of people actually gave this very serious consideration – and agreed! Normally, I wouldn’t have bothered to dignify this with a reply, but I was too tickled to pass it up. Nobody I know has ever left themselves this wide open since the girl at my cafeteria, when asked to join the guys at a game of pool, said “Sorry, I totally suck at balls.” 

My reply: )

Next up –


When I give this one an answer, it is going to be something very special. Because it is because of WOWSERs like this that people can no longer stomach the word “feminist”. Actually, that entire thread is hilarious – people are take these kinds of issues Very Seriously. The only one I felt was half-way sane was the one who said, pardon my French, “what if Rowling doesn’t give a rat’s ass about feminism”? Which is not true, btw, as this is the woman who named her first-born after Jessica Mitford. 

Feel free to lend me your thoughts, people, as all of mine haven’t finished choking and sputtering from that last review, yet. They feel all the more insulting when they have good grammar.


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This was posted by shimauma on the LnCMBs Off Topic folder a while ago. Thought I'd share. 

Taken from 



10) Harry learns "visio correcto" spell and ditches those stupid Birth Control glasses.

9) Hogwarts Alumnus Day guest of honor - Gandalf!

8) Harry is shamed with a lifetime ban for betting on quidditch.

7) Snape and Hagrid - oh yes they are!

6) Final battle against Voldemort cancelled when Democrats vote to pull funding.

5) It's all a dream. Harry wakes up in his mother's basement to discover that he's just a 35-year-old nerd who nodded off during a game of D&D.

4) Malfoy and the Sorting Hat - oh yes they did!

3) Dumbledore only MOSTLY dead - revived by Miracle Max.

2) Voldemort is the name of Harry's sled.

and the #1 spoiler for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...

1) Hermione is a DUDE!

Also, Ann was kind enough to post this on the selfsame folder today. I must say, it's not unfeasible.
Hermione tells all...

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The HP Fandom has transcended complete madness and passed the horizon of utter, rabid insanity is has come out the other side into the still, calm surface of manic sensibility. I mean, I knew that this fandom is a pretty scary and complicated place to be in sometimes, what with the flame wars and the inter-fansite politics but this, this is friggin unbelievable!

And to think this was going on even past the release of OotP! I joined the fandom in late 2002 and I didn't even KNOW about Gryffindor Tower. And here I was thinking I ws on top of fandom events! 

And all this over...what? Fricking fictional relationships between fictional characters in a book series we all love? Climbing the totem pole of  fandom popularity? How pathetic are these people's lives, really? 

And how appalingly uncivil, immature and...spiteful! How petty! These are authors whose work I've read and admired! I can't believe that such ostensibly sensible and nice people could have instigated such hateful flamewars! Because of friggin SHIPS?! They hated ships that much?! I mean, I detest Clana, but before I start smear campaigns over entire fansites and authors over it....It's unthinkable! 

I officially hate shippers. Forget money, shippers are the root of all evil. From now on, I'm reading genfic only. And I'm going to stick to my beloved LnC fandom. Never have I felt prouder of being a FoLC. We, at least, have a great tradition of tolerance and maturity. *preens* 

*hugs LnC Message Boards*  

Thanks to [profile] anotherdreamer5 for the link! Although she COULD have warned that once you start reading it, you can't stop. <g> The effects of horrified facsination. You never realize it's potency until you come across something like this. It's Fandom Reality TV! 

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