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I don't see how they can laugh at this. These people are clearly messed up and need serious help. 

Holy shit. 
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I can't believe how many people watch Supernatural. When I joined the fandom two years ago, it seemed like it had a very small cult following.  Only a couple of people on my flist even followed it regularly. 

Now that I've left fandom and lost interest in the show, the internet feels like its exploding with it. It seems like at least 3 quarters of all fandoms watch the show and I think almost everyone on my flist follows it now. 

W.T.H?? *is bemused* 

Well, looks like they're doing something right. I doubt I'll ever become as invested in it as I used to be, but I might just catch up on the rest of the season. Rock on, Winchsters! 

Anyone here who doesn't watch Supernatural? 
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I just found a fanfic where Tim Drake and Jason Todd travel through small town America in a 1967 Chevy Impala, listening to classic rock cassettes, eating greasy fast food, and sleeping in cheap motels while they hunt down and kill criminals. 

I'm not making this shit up. Flip to page 484. 

Jesus. *is awestruck at some people's brains*
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How not to get possessed/ your plane crashed by a demon:

1.  Stay away from air vents.

2.  Hack into the airline employee database and make sure nobody who was previously involved in a plane crash is on board. 

3.  Take a nonchalant stroll up and down the ramp and check whether anybody creepy black or yellow eyes. If somebody has red eyes, it's either a crossroads demon or an Underworld fangeek and should be avoided at all costs in either case.

4.   Always carry your Handy Instant Holy Water Making Tool Kit - a water squirter, Bible and rosary.

5.   If you see anybody moving toward the emergency exit, slug him and threaten him with your Holy Water Gun.

6.   Learn excorcism rituals by heart in case your Bible flies out the emergency exit while you're grappling with the demon.

7.   Avoid grappling with the demon.

8.  Road trips are good alternatives to plane travel, but stay away from possibly haunted inter-state highways (in case of ghosts and phantom Ku Klux Klan trucks), bridges (also in case of ghosts), moors (more ghosts), swamps, cross-roads (demons), corn-fields (high school football players), orchards (man-eating pagan gods), woods (vampires) and any form of abandoned houses, factories, barns and motels.

Aw hell, you might just stay the fuck at home. But remember to salt the windows and keep an iron poker on you at all times. And NEVER GO IN THE BASEMENT!  
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Dakota Fanning cast in "New Moon". As in Twillight Part 2.


This girl is a hyper-talented child prodigy. Why on earth would she want to act in a trainwreck like this? WHY, LORD?

Also, Kim Manners is dead, what? I didn't even know he had cancer. This is such a damn shame; he was such a great director. He was one of the cornerstones of Supernatural. Everyone on set must be so devastated.

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I liked it.

Spoilers for 4x10 )

Um, I think that's about it. \o/ = No cliffhanger! :'( = Two month hiatus. 
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Dear Show,

Now that's what I'm talking about, baby! You may have actually outdone yourself with the Halloween episode. You were even genuinely scary, which is something you manage about once in a blue moon. YAY for the mytharc. I feel truly rewarded for having sat through your lame-ass third season. Please continue to be just this fucking awesome. 

Also, Sam Winchester has reached unholy levels of hotness (As has Misha Collins for some strange reason). Please let him continue with his badass Anti-Christing. It does wonders for the libido.  

With a ridiculous amount of love and fangirling,
A born-again SPN fan. 

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Dudes, he's writing CRACK COMICS about his OWN SHOW, complete with WINCEST REFERENCES and J2 JOKES!!

My love for a man who will parody his own work, characters, lead actors and the entire fandom KNOWS NO BOUNDS!!!!

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I am ready to eat crow. With lots of ketch up on the side.

Why? Because I was one of the people who was a little pissed off at Kripke's seeming cop-out by incorporating minor spoiler )into the storyline.

But now, I bow before his vision.



No, really, it was complete awesome coated with awesomesauce! That episode hit just about ever single fangirly spot I have for Show! How such a thing could have occurred after the crappiness of Season Three, I do not know!!

Dear non-SPN fen on my flist, PLEASE WATCH THIS SEASON, you will love it so hard I can't even tell you. 

In fact, it was so awesome that I'm going to do a picspam review. I've never done a picspam review or anything very fannish in all the time I've fangirled SPN, not even through Season Two, even though I fangirl it so very hard (as anyone who's seen my profile page would know). Two eps into Season four and I've already done a parody and am now going to do a picspam review! That is how damn awesome Show has got! 

Just friggin' SQUEEEE, man! How the hell did Show hit such levels of fabulosity? 

Just please don't muck it up halfway into the season, Show. Also? I miss the magical lobster title card. Bring back mah lobster!
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With a parody.

Title: Lazarus Rising Parody Recap.
Author: Me
Rating: R for language.
A/N: Parodies are apparently hard things to write. Hopefully I managed to be funny. Do not get pissed off, I only mock because I love.

I think I saw a Disney movie like this once... )
Reviews are appreciated! =)
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...and can I have a whiff too?

My interest in fandom things have officially been reinvoked.

SPN fic Rec: Everything I Know About Marine Biology I Learned From My Brother.

I implore you to read it, SPN fan or not. Not only will you crack a rib laughing (dear God, the pictures!) but it is also rather singularly educational.

I sometimes wish MY brain was that addled. I'd never get bored. Why wasn't I dropped on my head more as a kid? This was very remiss of my parents. I could've been a literary genius like Kroki!
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Why is it that every single time I try to leave fandom, something like this happens?

Why must you be so batshit crazy wonderful, SPN fandom? How am I to ever leave you?

WARNING:Link contains material unsafe for work, general sanity and all your childhood memories. Don't SAY I didn't warn you.)
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I'm reading Harry Potter fanfiction again. And it seems that Checkmated is not now entirely a lost cause. I've found a gem among the Mary Sues. 

The Colors of Fire by Sher
Rating: PG
Status: WIP
Pairing: NL/HA (Canon Pairings)
Summary: Two years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott's paths cross again. Each is on a journey to rebuild their world; they just didn't realize rebuilding would include each other.

I know, right? Who the hell cares about Neville's love life? I mean, I love Neville Longbottom, but not so much that I'd read a book about his dating tribulations with Hannah Abbot, of all people. So it was purely by co-incidence that I decided to read it, and it's also a co-incidence that it turned out to be an exceptional piece, with excellent character voices and narrative that I can only describe as charismatic. I suggest you give it a try, Neville or no. Chances are that you're going to get sucked in too. 


Dimensions and Verticals by bellatemple (not dial-up friendly)

Muahahahahahahaha! Here be CRACK. And to think I was about to leave SPN fandom too. That'll teach me.

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This is a post that all who purports themselves as feminists should read. It makes me happy in my pants. 

Please also follow the comments for more evidence of intelligent life in fandom.

Thank you times a million to

[personal profile] layne67 for linking me. 

And Oh My God, WHERE has this post been my entire life?! - A Modest Proposal: Dean Winchester is a Very Bad Man, yo. *dies and is ded of LAFF* 

Suddenly, I remember why I love this fandom. To the death.



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I have a destructive sort of curiosity, which is what accounts for the fact that I went through nearly every one of the comment threads on that fandom wank entry. Self-laceration, I know. I'm an odd egg, sometimes. 

The thing about this wank was that it didn't just diss the perceived stupidity of one fan, as is usually the case, but attacked the whole show, writers, the entire SPN fandom and Dean fangirls as a whole. That was what hurt so much. Random people from other fandoms who crapped on the show based on a lot of second hand misinformation from their flists are one thing, but fans within the SPN fandom accusing other fans of sexism and misogyny just because they didn't agree with their views was something else. 

My butthurt. Let me show you it. 

I didn't realize how much it got to me until I woke up from my nap today shaking with anger, called up my boyfriend and yelled "I FUCKING HATE FEMINISTS!" out of the blue. One must pity the poor dear boy. The things he has to put up with, really. 

Well, that was a bit of an over-reaction. True, I've had serious issues with the rabid bra-burning types in the past, and the cries of "misogyny! racism! homophobia!" that invariably sweep fandom after every freaking episode makes me have a sneaking sympathy with sazzlette's post, rude as it was. But such a blanket statement as that would make me quite as bad the people who get on my nerves. 

So we come to this post. It concerns mostly the SPN fandom, but I think that other fans on my flist would also find my theories interesting, as it involves modern social and fannish issues. 

(Very mild spoilers for 3x15 and 3x16 of SPN Season 3 under the cut)

That's my thirty dollars and two cents, folks. I may be wrong, I may be biased, and I may not have looked at all points of view, although I've tried my hardest to avoid any of that. I'm open to debate and discussion as long you keep things civil. (This is not a warning to my lovely flist, who has never been anything but courteous to me, but for other lurkers and such.)
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You know what the problem with the Supernatural fandom is? It has waay too many completely awesome fics being posted every day. No matter how much I read, I'm always missing out on something. I'll never catch up. It's not fair. 

I sometimes wonder why people bother paying good money for stuff like tie-in novels and Harlequin paperbacks when the fanfiction is so awesome and it's free. 

In other news, I'm sick. Not ill, just sick. As in not sick enough to be relegated to bed, with a compassionate Mum cooing over you and exemption from chores, but sick enough to have to stick to your usual routine albeit with a myriad of irritants and aches while people snap at you for complaining about them. I feel like a brittle boned old biddy with a bad case of gout today. Ugh! 

FYI, World, you're a friggin' awful bitch sometimes. 

P.S: I now hate Asia as much as Sam does.
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I just finished watching Supernatural 3x11. 

HOLY SHIT! NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL AN EPISODE! Nice comeback, Show! *does jig*

Furthermore, in the OMFG department:

Huh. Will squee more when I remember. 

The only downside to this ep is that I now have "Asia" playing in my head over and over and over and over......AAAARGH!! The worst thing is, I've never heard it before this episode, so it's only thatone snatch of song I keep hearing in my head! 

When you hear news reports of a girl who has gone screaming through the streets of Colombo in a gorilla outift, throwing nuts at people, you'll know I've finally cracked. And you'll know why. 


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So I finally gave in to my baser impulses and watched the two spoiler videos on tonight's Supernatural episodes.

I know fandom is gearing up to cry buckets with tissues and stuff, but you'll probably need it for laughing too hard. You guys, it's fucking hilarious! Well, the two scenes I saw were. Which does not necessarily entail that the entire episode will be funny, but still. I'd give a lot for those two scenes.

Is it tomorrow yet?

Also,Sam is strangely hot. More so than usual. 

Every Thursday, I wish I lived in the U.S. Man, this looks like it's going to be a kick-ass episode! We haven't had enough of them this season. 

I dunno about horror, but SPN sure brings the funneh!
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The Writer's Strike is OVER! *leaps up and down* 

Okay, so it's apparently not officially over until the Guild votes on Tuesday, but at this point I think that is a mere formality. Shall keep my fingers crossed in any case.

I'm really glad they got what they were lobbying for, but at the end of the day, there's still a few hundred writers out of work now. Hope things get better for them soon. 

And on a totally self-centred note: MOAR Supey-natteral! I hope they do a summer mini-series. Since there are virtually no new epsiodes of anything in the summer, more people might have the opportunity to tune in to Supernatural. And I really hope they go with their original idea for Sammy's powers in Season Three and

spoilers! )

This is season has so much damn potential and a really great storyline, but it keeps floundering in the execution. More than anything, what pisses me off is that most episodes are only about 40 mins long these days. It was 50 mins in Season 1 and 45 min episodes in Season 2. What, are they going to churn out barely half-hour epsiodes come season 4? Would it kill the CW to give us an extra five minutes? 

I think I'm going against most of fandom when I say this, but the last episode didn't live up to all the hype, except for that one Mano Amano fight between Dean and Demon!Dean (which was strangely hot). It was a great concept and could've been done a whole lot better.  Although the whole Sam/ Bela thing was high-larious! Oh, Kripke pawned fandom good with those two. Here we all were, writing fic about Sam/ Ruby and Dean/Bela when it was actually the other way round. 

On a non-fandom related note, I had a ripping good weekend, as Bertie Wooster would say. Saturday, I spent most of the day at Sabiha's birthday party and yesterday I spent the day at Mount Royal hotel in Mt.Lavinia for Sadhini's birthday celebration. That was a novel idea really, having a spend-the-day cum party at a hotel with a beach and a pool in the vicinity. The best part was that I got to spend so much time with my favourite peeps, Sadhini and Pavithri and also meeting up with my little Peksi after an age and a half. Infact, come to think of it, I think I spent more time with  [profile] lostprincess87     over the entire waking portion of the whole weekend than anybody else. 

Of course, the worst part of having a rollicking weekend is that it's doubly hard to get back to the life of drudgery afterwards. Housework is made of so much FAIL.

 P.S: Funny little anecdote. Sadhini's folks had booked a room for us to bounce off the walls and break things kick back in, which was fine at first, but once lunch time had rolled around there were fully fifteen people of assorted boys, girls and guitars in it. The poor airconditioner wasn't cut out for the job, and people were feeling cramped and humid after a while. Everybody but me, that is. I felt as cool as a cucumber and couldn't imagine why everybody kept cussing out the air conditioning. Finally, after hearing the umpteenth person mutter about how hot it was in here, I sat up and exclaimed in exasperation, "How come I am the only person in this room who's not hot?".

Dead silence. Belatedly, I realized that there are a myriad of ways an out-of-the-blue remark like that could be construed by a roomful of twenty-something-year-olds, and none of them had anything to do with air conditioning. 

Shamir piped up. "We honestly couldn't tell you," he said, giving me a cusory once-over, "blame the genetics."

 Huh. Now if it were me, I'd have said, "Aw, you're being too hard on yourself, Hasini. You're not that bad-looking." But then, I'd be talking to myself. 


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I've been fucking Kripke'd!! (As oposed to being Jossed.) 

The fic I was writing for [profile] lostprincess87might as well have been titled  Malleus Maleficarum because he fucking turned everything I was writing into canon! I'm not sure whether to love or hate Kripke's brain. 

Half of it's canon already! Yay, Kripke, your brain is a great place to live in!

P.S: I know it sounds like a Mary Sue, but Mona is actually a very flawed character so I don't think it'll read like one. I hope not, anyway. I can't help it that all hetfic in SPN comes across as at least marginally Suestastic. They want us to slash the boys, I tells ya.

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