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Guys, isn't this just spectaculous?

Well? What are you waiting for? 
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This is the REVISED version of the prologue which I posted herein some time ago. Since then, I've acquired some lovely and insightful beta readers who know how to negotiate with commas better than I. 

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But before that, ladies and gentlepeople, let us all give a hearty round of applause to this year's Lois and Clark Fanfic Kerth Nominees! <applause>  Wish you all the very best of luck for the final voting! 

This is why I love the LnC fandom so much. The annual Kerth excitement, when everybody's gearing up for the Kerth quizzes and marathon reading for the nominations and then voting and rooting for their favourite stories with as much fervour as though it were a Presidential election. All for that golden stattuette and blue ribbon. You never get that in the HP fandom; it's far too vast. In LnC, it's like life in a small town; everybody knows everybody else! I love it! 

And now on with your scheduled programme...

Facebook is interesting after all. I've joined a group called "F.I.N.A.L.S (Fuck, I Never Actually Learned this Shit), just so it'd appear in my profile page for people to giggle at.  I also came across this group You Know You're In College When... from whose profile page I snagged the following (bloody hilarious and very true) list.

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Y'all remember that bout of Smallville bashing I indulged in a while ago, wherein I proclaimed that all shows turn into a soap after the fourth season? Well, I have a confession to make. I hadn't actually watched the fifth season then, only read the episode transcripts. I went out and bought the complete Season 5, the other day and had another binge-watching session. 

Conclusion: Season Five is the best Smallville Season to date.

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How the fricking hell did I get hooked on Smallville?!





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If the Lois and Clark Season Three DVD box set takes any longer to hit the stores here in Sri Lanka, I will definitely a) go insane b) succumb and pay over $40 ordering it on-line from Amazon, which is tantamount to insanity anyway.




Ahem. Excuse me.


While I’m waiting, I thought I’d give my new friends [personal profile] starrylites and [profile] katshakespeare, a welcome gift in the form of links to some of my favourite Lois and Clark fanfiction. Apologies if you’ve already read them. I’m hazarding that you may not have.


Note: I’m linking these to the stories in the LnC Fanfic Archive, which is PG 13. The R-rated versions of many of the stories are available at Anne’s place under the “nfic” section. You need to register to gain access.


The Lady Mirth Awards for:


Best That Old Gang Of Mine Rewrite: When Friends Become Lovers, by Kathy Brown and Demi as well as it’s sequel, When Lovers Become More.


Best Relationship Drama: Faustian Bargain by Sue S. (Strongly advise you to read it on the nfic archive!)


Best First Time Rewrite: Faux Pas by Wendy Richards.


Best Pilot Rewrite: Stardust by Caroline


Best New Krypton Arc stories: Haunting Eden by Lynn M. (Not on the Archive yet. It’s on the nfic section of the Message Boards)


Best Drama: Rage by Lynn M.


Best Elseworld Story: Without A Superman Trilogy by M. L Thompson.


Best Revelation Story: A Conscious Choice by Wendy Richards


Best Time Travel Story: In A Better Place by CC Aiken


Best Tear-Your-Heart-Out-And-Stomp-It –With- A-Three-Inch-Stiletto Story: For the Greater Good by Wendy Richards or Heaven’s Prisoners by Demi


Best Christmas Story: Some Kind of Angel by Chris Carr


Best Next Gen Series: Starfire and Sunstorm by Irene Dutch, and sequels.


Best Epic: Masques by Labrat (This thing is huge but worth every bite!)


Best Short Comedy Writer: Mary Potts aka Queen of The Capes


Best Action Drama: 24 Hours by Wendy Richards


Best Short Story: Good Samaritan by Aria


Notable WIPs: The Longest Road – The Roads They Walked Alone By Raconteur

                        50 First Revelations by MetroRhodes and Sue S.

                        Platonic by Sue S.

                        Darkest Dreams by Smirky the Raven   


Think I’ll stop for now.  And if you can think of any you’d like to recommend, leave a comment. Happy reading!

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