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To my newborn

You feel so small
In my hands
Satin soft, down-dropped
Head so fragile
I want to listen
To your heart beat
Watch you sleep
A sweet, stolen while

I wonder what
It is you dream
An old man’s wrinkle
On your brow
Do you remember
The angels’ faces
That sent you to me
From above?

This world is so big
Full of terrors
And wonders you can’t
Yet understand
But be unafraid
I am with you
My thumb anchors
Your tiny hand

You seem so new
But are you old in soul
As we see an aged 
Star's young light?
Your crinkled eyes
Opened in surprise
Rival this entire
Bejeweled night

One day when
You are tall and strong
All a-grown and
I have passed on,
I’ll be watching you sleep
Visit you in dreams
Loving you 
From Beyond.  

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