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Five favourite DC comic book series:

1. Young Justice: This is a title that I want my kids, if I have any, to read. A fine mix of absurdism and angst, what really sells it is the pitch-perfect characterization of every single member and the laugh out loud dialogue and comic sequences every other page. One of the only titles where teenagers are both written and drawn realistically. Chronicling the development and evolution of the unlikely team of Robin, Superboy, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Arrowette and Secret, it's all about how friendships are formed and young superheroes come into their own. Simply everything a comic book should be. Peter David and Todd Nauck are a winning writer/artist combination.

2. Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes is the last remaining teenage superhero in the DC universe who is a well-adjusted kid with a loving family instead of having a life that is a wasteland of tragedy and loss. He is therefore a breath of fresh air, and strongly reminiscent of young Tim Drake once upon a time. But that's not what makes this series one of the most enjoyable series published in recent years - it's also his kickass and quirky supporting cast; from his awesome Mom and Dad who give the Ma and Pa Kent a run for their money, to his quarrelsome but supportive best friends and unlikely mentor, the Peacemaker, all of whom know his secret identity as the Blue Beetle. It's not just about the trials of an awkward teenager trying to live upto a superhero legacy; it's also about the relationships between family and friends. The writing team of Keith Giffen and John Rogers, not to mention artist Cully Hamner will find their work on this title difficult to exceed.

3. Birds of Prey: DC and female superheroes did not have the best relationship prior to this series. Wonder Woman and Catwoman created endless controversy after Greg Rucka left the titles, and the phrase "Women in Refrigerators" was first coined to illustrate DC's callous attitude to female characters they felt were expendable, as exemplified by the crippling of former Batgirl Barbara Gordon and the torture of Dinah Lance in The Longbow Hunters. BoP was created to right the wrongs done to these women, as the seemingly omniscent Oracle and rejuvenated Black Canary teamed up to fight international terrorism and kick ass in cocktail dresses. Chuck Dixon brought to us the wonderful journey of two polar opposite characters coming to bond as sisters, but it became downright spectacular during Gail Simone's run, with the additions of the endearing Lady Blackhawk and willful Huntress to the team. Granted, the art could never again quite reach the glory days of Butch Guice and the series rather petered out in its latter days between writers Sean McKeever and Tony Bedard. But while it lasted, this title was definitely one to warm the cockles of any feminist's heart

4. Gotham Knights: At least upto the 45th issue. This was a side-series to Batman which explored the relationships between Batman and his family. Although it went through the hands of varying writers, this title appeared to have been touched with some magic, because each story contained excellent storytelling that harmoniously melded from one issue to the next. If you want to see Batman as someone other than a tortured avenger of the night, and gain heartwarming insights into the lives of his allies and children, this is the book for you.

5. Robin: This series chronicles the evolution of Timothy Drake, the third and perhaps most popular Robin. Indubitably Dixon's finest creation in the course of his career, Tim's appeal is manifold - the kid figures out Batman's identity at the age of nine, stalks and takes photos of them for the next three years and once he figures out that Batman's going insane because his Robin died, has the audacity to show up on the doorstep of a bemused Dick Grayson (Bruce Wayne's estranged ward, now known as Nightwing) to beg him to become Robin again. Clearly, the kid isn't just the biggest Bat fanboy ever, he's also born to be a Bat. After saving Bats and Nightwing from Two-Face, 13-year-old Tim Drake undergoes extensive training to take on the Robin mantle -which involves training with the most fearsome assassin in the world, and taking down a crime syndicate on his own. Even after he's a fully qualified member of the Bat Clan, his problems doesn't cease - he has to balance his relationships with his girlfriend, friends and father (all of whom are in the dark about his night-time crime-busting exploits) perpetually being the littlest guy in a fight and get his homework done on time. Dixon wrote this title for twelve years and established it as an icon of generations. Currently, nineteen-year-old Tim has "graduated" like Nightwing, to his own superhero persona, Red Robin. But it's the 22 years of being Gotham's vigilante spirit of youth and optimism that has us still rooting for him.

So what are yours?

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Date: 2009-06-25 12:53 am (UTC)
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I have to confess I don't often read current comic runs, and not a lot of DC. I'm actually looking for new titles to get into at the moment, so I might grab a few Young Justice. They sound like a good read. Absurdims and angst? I'm sold... Any other recommendations?

I'm reading Superman/Batman but it kinda rockets from mediocre to fantastic and back again pretty quickly. The chibi Leaguers would be my favourite recent arc, I haven't read much past there.

I'm reading The Authority, which is kinda DC nowadays. And Tiny Titans (but it's not really a series).

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Date: 2009-06-28 05:58 pm (UTC)
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I caught a post of the chibi Leaguers on scans_daily. THEY WERE THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVAH! I'm trying to get myself a copy myself, so I can adore it up close and coo alarming brain-dead noises at the pages. Tiny Titans is also cute.

Superman/Batman is on my list of to-reads, but right now I'm kind of caught up with Trinity.

As for other recs - I put Gotham Knights on this rec, but it was actually a toss-up between it and Batman Chronicles which is really excellent.

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