Jan. 13th, 2009

ladymirth: (yay kermit)

I got a job at Asia Digest. Newly launched YA and family-oriented magazine (no relation to Reader's Digest) flat structured company, informal environment, few other co-workers (one of whom is a good friend), good pay, boss open to suggestions. So much potential that my inner editor gene, dormant since I left the school newspaper, is going utterly haywire. I have to keep telling it to pipe down and keep my head down and get to know the people first, before gradually suggesting changes. I WILL NOT BLOW THIS, DAMN IT. 

My own enthusiasm is scaring me. It might be my undoing.  Must keep reminding self that I am simply a newly-hired  wet behind the ears newbie and must act accordingly, flat structure be damned. 

Of course, I'm still going to contribute to  The Sunday Times, because hello, it's the Sunday Times and having a few published pieces in there to show off  in my portfolio is nothing to sneeze at. 

In conclusion: Hee! *hugs self* 

*hugs flist for good measure* 

*prepares for horrible things to happen, now that the 'good' portion of the day is over* 

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