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It says on the tin that this was a real live resignation letter. I doubt it, since it would be pretty stupid of the guy to let it go floating around the internet if so. I mean, it's basically blackmail. 

Fun reading, though!

Moral of the story: Do not piss off your systems' administrators. Hmm...

Thanks for forwarding it to me, Sadhini!
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Hi, I am sending you this because I think it would bring me bad karma to stop the Eternal Cycle of Cyber-Cheesiness, and want to let you know how special you are to me by cluttering up your email account. Plus, I don’t see why SPAM should stop at my inbox.  


So if this message has made you throw things and kick the nearest dumb animal, pass it on to all YOUR special friends so you can piss seven kinds of hell out of them as well, so they can kick your ass but good. And if you send it back to me, I’ll know I’m special enough for you to forgive me if I hunt your IP address down and kick your ass personally.


If you don’t send this friendship message to another ten people in ten seconds, chances are that you will get to keep all your friends and contribute good things to society in future. But if you don’t send it on, the message will self-destruct and trigger the Apocalypse and it will be all you fault and your friends will hunt you down and muh buddy SATAN IS GONNA KICK YO FREAKY LI’L PUNK-ASS TO DA CURB!!!


So basically, you’re screwed either way. Then why not send this chain-letter on, just so you at least deserve the ass-whupping you’re about to receive and do your part in spreading the glow of seething chain-mail irritation among PC-users the world over?


 Stock up on Brufen. Wear sunscreen. Have a nice life.



Your friends.

(Making organized crime and natural disasters redundant since 1987)


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