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The Other Woman

She keeps a-coming to see me
Though her eyes detest my face
When they rake over me I know
How graceless be my visage

She looks at me in fury
Her cruel mouth a-scowl
I look back in reciprocity
With a grimace just as foul

Sometimes she catches me alone
And watches me rail and writhe
In the face of my distortion
She seems to satisfy

I have seen no kindness in her
No compassion for my fate
That I must ever endure
Her unreasoned hate

If only she would loathe me less
Just enough to stay away
I’d rather nonexistence
Than be belittled day by day

I throw her moods back in her face,
Matched every snarl and tear!
We’ve drowned together in seas of rage;
Each other learned more to fear

If free will I could summon,
To ask what wrong I’ve done!
For I am just the mirror-woman,
And she the real one.

You know who this was inspired by. =) Feedback is, as always, welcome. 

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