Jan. 8th, 2009

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The day so far: Dragged Dad out of bed to drive me to a 7  a.m rehearsal. Encountered locked theater and sleepy director/ theater owner who infromed me kindly that he meant the rehearsal was at 7 in the evening because 7 a.m is too early for normal human beings to function *hint hint*. Drove back with disgruntled Dad who informed me that my little stunt had made him late for office and my brother late for school. Got stuck in school traffic on the way. 

And it isn't even 8 o' clock yet. 

Yeah, this is going to be a good day. 
ladymirth: (one with the universe)
See? I was right. The fun continues.

My prospective emplyer blew up at me when I called to tell her I was coming to see her today. "Aney darling, don't call just come!" she snapped (never trust a person who calls you 'darling' while snapping at you). Um, she told me to call when I was coming? And then she texts me not to call her again because she is a very busy person and maybe I can work somewhere else! 

It's not exactly a dream opportunity lost, because it was just a freelancing job at one of those snooty society magazines that covers rich women's extravagant tea parties, but one of my Dad's friends set up the interview for me, and Dad wanted me to give it a shot. So now he's going to be pissed. Joy. 

11.30 am. Wonder what other debacles today will bring. 

Also, I am feeling the consequences of restarting going to gym with a full-scale workout after three and a half months of sickness and inactivity. I feel like I was run over by a freight train. Ouch. 

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