Jan. 24th, 2009

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Current schedule: Wake up at six, help Mum prepare breakfast and lunch (the maid is on holiday), get showered and dressed and out the door by 8:15 am. Work from 8: 45 to 5: 30. Go home and catch a tea break before heading onto a 2 1/2 hour rehearsal by 7 pm. Come home by 9:30 pm, have dinner, shower, clean up the kitchen and attempt to work on some more research for the next day before collapsing at around 11:30... 

...for FIVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS. And then on the weekends I'm even busier because in addition to  working on articles and rehearsals, I have to squeeze in housework and volunteer work as well. 

It gets even better next week, because while the maid is coming back on Sunday, I'm restarting gym.  The only way I can manage that if I get there by about 5:45. In the morning. At the crack of dawn, to be precise. Also, I want  to restart dance classes in the weekend, because damn it, I completed beginnner's ballroom two years ago and I'm damned if I don't at least leave  here without my bronze class certification. 

I can't believe I ever complained about uni. I don't think I ever quite appreciated how much leisure time I had until I started my job. Now, the only time I have for myself is the time I spend in the bathroom! 

At least I'm determined to keep at least half my Saturdays free. Otherwise, I'd never see my friends or read a novel. 

Remember that girl who griped about wasting time in University and not yet being a member of the workforce and actively contributing to society? Well, that girl was a MORON. 

Growing up sucks. 

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